Hamilton: Hamilton in Hamilton

Mailey Wang, Features Writer

 “Alexander Hamilton. My name is Alexander Hamilton. And there’s a million things I haven’t done.”

While there are a million things math teacher Stuart Hamilton hasn’t done, one thing he has done is star in a Broadway production of “Hamilton.”

Acting was never in Hamilton’s vision for his future. After finishing his second school year of teaching math five years ago, he decided he wanted to take a break from academics.

“I was listening to the ‘Hamilton’ soundtrack and reflecting on the origins of my name, and I thought maybe it was a sign,” Hamilton said. “The musical ‘Hamilton’ had just come out, and I thought it would be funny to try it out.”

It seems Hamilton was simply meant for the role, for he landed the lead role of Alexander Hamilton. He packed his bags and moved into a small apartment in New York City. Hamilton impressed himself, his friends, and his family after securing the big role.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Hamilton said. “The whole concept of acting was hard at first, but I eventually learned how to better my singing, acting, and dancing through tons of dance lessons, voice lessons, and rehearsals.”

Hamilton starred in “Hamilton” for two years with shows seven days a week before realizing he is never satisfied — he missed teaching math and his life before the show. Although acting on Broadway was an incredible experience for him, being on stage would never bring Hamilton the same joy as “being in agreement” or “not in agreement” to students’ math.

Freshman Addison Parenti went to watch the production of “Hamilton” when she was six years old and remembers the production quite vividly. The show made Parenti feel everything at once as the dramatic story line went on; she was and still is in awe at the quality of acting the actors showcased, especially Hamilton.

“That specific production of ‘Hamilton’ has remained the greatest production I have ever seen because it sparked my interest in musical theater,” Parenti said. “When I saw Hamilton on the first day of school, I immediately recognized him.”

Parenti loves musical theater and has performed in multiple productions here at Pinewood. While she will never forget her role model, Stuart Hamilton, she is too nervous to go up to him and ask for an autograph, for she has been told to never meet your idols. She prays that she will never be placed in Hamilton’s math class.

“Whenever I see Hamilton on campus, I run,” Parenti said.

Hamilton’s ambitions for his teaching career skyrocketed as a result of his short-lived fame. 

“Playing Hamilton changed my perspective on life,” Hamilton said. “I can’t wait for everyone to see what I have in store for my teaching career. Just you wait.”