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Pinewood Teachers on “Love is Blind”

Elizabeth Liang

   Drama. Tension. Heartache. Love. 

   Six Pinewood teachers will embark on a soul-searching journey in hopes of finally finding true love. What better way is there to fill that void in their hearts than to apply to be a contestant on a reality dating show? After all, it is scientifically proven that participating in these shows are the only ways to find true love. There really is no better option than “Love is Blind” as 99.9% of contestants stay together even after tying the knot. 

   If you’re a fan of the acclaimed series, then prepare yourselves because you might just find a familiar face on a search for their special someone in one of those pods very, very soon. In a new season of “Love is Blind,” Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the shows’ hosts will be randomly setting teachers up with the show’s previous contestants. The show’s approach to solely giving descriptors of the other participants without fully revealing their physical appearance prevents preconceived biases from interfering with the love-searching process. 

   Contestants have 10 days to find true love, and if they don’t, they find themselves right back where they started; passionless and desperate. The stakes are high.

   Determined to change their fates, Stephanie Fugita, Lauren Ortmann, Anne Bertron, Kyle Riches, Marvin Coote, and David Wells have decided that they can’t keep wasting their years burning daylight.

  “I’m nothing more than a cog in society performing mechanical labor only for the enrichment of ‘young, developing minds,’” high school English teacher Wells said. “I mean, who actually likes books? They’re just a waste of paper. All I’ve ever wanted is to find true love, and I desperately hope that luck is on my side this time.”

   After former contestant Chelsea Blackwell’s devastating break up with Jimmy Presnell she decided that she won’t be returning to the new season. This news especially upset Riches as he truly saw her resemblance to Megan Fox despite the general consensus of the public. However, it’s rumored that a new (and arguably better) contestant looks like the iconic Cindy Crawford, which filled Riches with newfound hope.

   “I was devastated that Chelsea wouldn’t be returning back to the show, but after hearing that someone else looks like THE Cindy Crawford, my tears quickly dried up. I’m especially excited to get to know her better, and who knows? Maybe we’ll click!” Riches said.

   Once establishing who they’re interested in, contestants can choose to spend extra time with those they connected the most with to see if the attraction is genuine. Sometimes they find true love, but not everyone has a fairy-tale ending. 

   When applications for “Love is Blind” opened up, college counselor Coote proposed that they take a (calculated, of course) leap of faith and apply for the show. Due to their exceptional applications, the six teachers were specially selected and saw it as a sign from the universe that they may actually have a chance at finding true love. However, many are apprehensive as they fear that they’ll fail to discover their life-long partner and have wasted more of their time.

   “I’m actually going to cry if this doesn’t work out,” Fugita said “The whole point of my job is to administer advice to make students feel better, but if I’m so heartbroken and miserable that I can’t take my own advice, then like, what’s the point?” Fugita said.

   Although some teachers are more hesitant than others, their determination and desire to find their other halves is equally fervent. 

   “I truly believe that I can finally find someone who accepts me for who I am as a math teacher. Math may be easy, but finding your person…oh boy is that tricky,” Bertron said.

   Filming for season seven starts April 23, featuring 10 episodes that follow each teachers’ journeys. Some will achieve their happy ending, and others won’t. For the first time in their lives, these six Pinewood teachers can finally ask themselves: is love really blind?


*i’m not too sure about the order of the paragraphs



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