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Class of 2023 Senior Predictions

Class of 2023 May 3, 2023

Oscar Barnes After studying journalism and learning the dictionary from front to back, Oscar can finally speak in a dialect that is unknown to mortal humans, causing him to embark on the first manned mission...

There Shouldn’t Be a World Champion for Chess

Harry Yang, Opinion Writer May 3, 2023

In Astana, Kazakhstan, the 2023 World Chess Championship is being held. A grueling twenty-one-day marathon of chess with only your opponent and the bright flashes of reporters’ cameras in the room where...

Featuring Daniel Blotter, Nate Martin, Sally King, Adam Fallick, Niki Taradash, and Ashton Riches

Prisha’s Tribute to SLC Seniors

Prisha Mohapatra, Opinion Writer May 2, 2023

People always told me not to get too close to the seniors. As the only non-senior on the Student Leadership Committee (SLC) this year, it was inevitable that I would get to know them extremely well. Here...

In Defense of Senioritis

In Defense of Senioritis

Simon Braun, Opinion Writer May 2, 2023

Senoritis. Having swept through nations across the globe and promising to do so every year, this viral infection destroys the lives of teachers and students alike. At least, that’s what the school system...

Featuring Rachel Farhoudi

Senior Snapshots

Violet Negrette, News Writer May 2, 2023

As the Class of 2023 slowly approaches the end of the year, the seniors’ memories of the year are becoming more surreal and cherished. We asked six seniors for their favorite moments of the year to give...

The Importance of Long Walks on the Beach

The Importance of Long Walks on the Beach

Jamie Burton, Opinion Writer May 2, 2023

With finals on the horizon, widespread panic has ensued. Students are frantic. Snack-shack spending has reached a record high. Most importantly, questions of how to de-stress during such difficult times...

Social Media Causes Teenage Isolation

Social Media Causes Teenage Isolation

Prisha Mohapatra, Staff Writer March 1, 2023

“[Teenagers] love being social and love the positive feelings they get when they’re talking to their friends, so they look to social media to provide that for them,” sophomore Michael Shtrom said. For...

The Purpose of NATO Has Shifted

Harry Yang, Staff Writer February 28, 2023

As devastation rains upon the fields of Ukraine, strategists from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization meet in Brussels and discuss the escalating crisis in Ukraine. They hold a summit about the humanitarian...

Cross Country: Going The Extra Mile

Cross Country: Going The Extra Mile

Violet Negrette, Staff Writer February 28, 2023

My feet ache as a torrent of pain washes down my legs, and another bead of sweat slowly crawls down to settle on my already-glistening face. The repetition of step after step starts to fade in and out...

Good Soup: A Meals Redemption

Good Soup: A Meal’s Redemption

Jamie Burton, Opinion Writer February 28, 2023

The light sobbing continued on for most of the night. At last, from deep within the confines of the Panera Bread kitchen, there came a final exhale, a hopeless plea of frustration and regret. There lay...

TikTok Is A Waste of Your Time

Simon Braun, Staff Writer February 26, 2023

There are few things in life more useless than a philosophy major. One of those things is TikTok. TikTok, the incredibly popular social media website, has taken the internet by storm. Walking around the...

The Life of An Only Child

The Life of An Only Child

Prisha Mohapatra, Copy Editor February 2, 2023

Imagine being all alone in the center of a large stage, the spotlight focused on you, and only you. Wouldn’t that be amazing? If you have even the slightest bit of stage fright, however, the very...

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