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Introducing Mystery Meat Mondays

Elizabeth Liang

   Mystery Meat Mondays are bound to generate newfound excitement during lunch. Generally, there are not many complaints about the Pinewood school lunch. The ingredients are high-quality and there is a variety of lunch options to choose from each week. However, to make lunch more interesting, Epicurean is introducing Mystery Meat Monday, which is exactly what it sounds like.

   Every Monday, the lunch will include an unknown meat. It could be featured in a burger, meatloaf or by itself with a side. The options for the meat are endless; chicken, beef, pork, squirrel, alligator, iguana and frog are some of the many possibilities.

   “We are adding Mystery Meat Mondays to the lunch program starting next week, and we hope that students will enjoy trying to guess what the meat is,” Head of Upper Campus Gabriel Lemmon said.

   Students will have the opportunity to enter their guess for the meat using the 5-Star app downloaded on their iPads. The first person to guess the meat correctly will win spirit points for their grade. At the end of the day, Lemmon will reveal the meat in an announcement.

   Students are excited about the chance to gain spirit points on a weekly basis instead of having to wait for occasional spirit days and assemblies.

   “I have eaten many types of meat in the past, so I can identify them easily,” freshman Aaron Xie said. “It’s time for my grade to get first in spirit points.”

   Many students are enthusiastic about the potential meat choices.

  “If they add mystery meat, I’d eat two school lunches a day,” sophomore Jerry Yan said. “Randomly finding chicken brains or fish intestines in my food is one of the best feelings of all time.”

   Some also expressed concerns over this new change.

   “People may have food allergies, or want to avoid eating certain types of meat for religious and personal reasons,” math teacher Skyler Nazario said.

    Despite criticism, the idea of “Mystery Meat Mondays” has been approved by a vote of 50.1% in favor.

   “Lunch has always been the same, but now it will be a fun game that will keep people on their toes,” junior Prisha Mohapatra said. “I feel like that’s what Pinewood has always been about, making ordinary aspects of school more exciting.”

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