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The Perennial

The Perennial

Christina Tanase, News Writer • May 3, 2023

The “What We Can Do Series for Alumni-In-Residence” is a two-part series hosted by Pinewood’s Alumni Office providing the knowledge and...

Responding to Tragedy: Parents, Community Commemorate the Life of Former Pinewood Student Jonathan Zhao
Responding to Tragedy: Parents, Community Commemorate the Life of Former Pinewood Student Jonathan Zhao
Oscar Barnes, Managing Editor • May 3, 2023

“He persevere[d] through everything, and [it was] not [always] apparent to others,” Suzanna said. “You can see it through the way he react[ed]...

The Class of 2023 poses for their goofy class photo at the beginning of the year. Soon they will be celebrating their graduation from Pinewood with a banquet and Disneyland trip.
Class of 2023 Celebrates Graduation with Banquet and Disney Fun
Arjun Kelkar, News Writer • May 3, 2023

As the school year draws to a close, graduating seniors have two exciting events to look forward to: the Senior Class Banquet on May 16, their...

Taken June 8, 2017 (6th grade) at my brothers 8th grade graduation. From left to right: me, my brother, and my mom.
A Letter to My Mother: Thank You For Forcing Me to Go to Pinewood
Samantha Hsiung, Editor-in-Chief • May 2, 2023

To my mother I am 11. You’ve just picked me up from school in our white Lexus after track and field practice. We drive down Bubb Road, rustling...

Nates Senior Wrap
Nate's Senior Wrap
Nate Martin, Sports Editor • May 2, 2023

My time at Pinewood wouldn’t be what it was without the soundtrack that surrounded it. Music unlocks memories, taking me back to a specific...

Returning To Our Origins: The End of the Dumpling Column
Returning To Our Origins: The End of the Dumpling Column
Karina Aronson, Samantha Hsiung, Sally King, and Sophia Yao May 1, 2023

After months of restaurant hopping and late night article crunches, the infamous dumpling column club returned to our original location:...

Class of 2023 Senior Predictions
Class of 2023 May 3, 2023

Oscar Barnes After studying journalism and learning the dictionary from front to back, Oscar can finally speak in a dialect that is unknown to...

There Shouldn't Be a World Champion for Chess
Harry Yang, Opinion Writer • May 3, 2023

In Astana, Kazakhstan, the 2023 World Chess Championship is being held. A grueling twenty-one-day marathon of chess with only your opponent and...

Featuring Daniel Blotter, Nate Martin, Sally King, Adam Fallick, Niki Taradash, and Ashton Riches
Prisha's Tribute to SLC Seniors
Prisha Mohapatra, Opinion Writer • May 2, 2023

People always told me not to get too close to the seniors. As the only non-senior on the Student Leadership Committee (SLC) this year, it was...

Staff Spotlight
Samantha Hsiung
Samantha Hsiung

Samantha (or Sam) Hsiung (12) is the co-Editor-in-Chief of The Perennial. She joined journalism to be more involved in her school community, and it’s now one of her favorite hobbies and passions. Aside...

How Rachel Feels About Graduating Pinewood
How Rachel Feels About Graduating Pinewood
Rachel Farhoudi, Features Writer • May 3, 2023

I’m not entirely sure if most people can shoot their hand up when asked if they have had a spiritual awakening before they even reach the age...

Featuring Devan Reynard and Ashton Riches
How PSP Has Impacted Seniors
Mailey Wang, Features Writer • May 3, 2023

Address an issue. Grow a passion. Take action. Students in PSP have done exactly that. The Pinewood Scholars Program, led by teacher Michelle...

Featuring Teau Tongi and Emmett Smith
Musical Review: “Something Rotten!” Is Certified Fresh
Michael Shtrom, Copy Editor • May 3, 2023

The Pinewood Performing Arts department has done it again. With seemingly endless dedication, the PPA has performed one of the greatest spectacles...

Featuring Kate Cornyn, Ashton Riches, Teau Tongi, Emmett Smith, and Nate Martin
Take Note Seniors Reflect on Memories and Music
Katie Maier, Arts & Culture Writer • May 3, 2023

Pinewood’s a cappella group, Take Note, consists mainly of seniors like Daniel Blotter, Kate Cornyn,  Adam Fallick, Nate Martin, Emmett Smith, ...

Featuring Ayana Jasal, Carolyn Steeg, Seika Oelschig, Sally King, Andrew Wang, Akash Kumar, and Rosalie Wessels
Tech Club Seniors Leave Mark on Pinewood
Andrew Wang, Science and Tech Writer • May 2, 2023

With the end of the school year on the horizon, seniors involved in Pinewood’s Tech Club are preparing to hand over the reins to the next generation...

Featuring Ayana Jasal, Seika Oelschig, and Andrew Wang
Pinewood Seniors Pick STEM Majors in College
Lara Parikh, Science and Tech Writer • May 2, 2023

Several seniors will be majoring in STEM in college, among them being Rosalie Wessels, Emmett Smith, Akash Kumar, Vincent Chen, Logan Thompson,...

Featuring Ava Uhrich, Jade Ramirez, Skylar Chui, Garrett Sablich, and Jason Rowe
Seniors Continuing Sports In College
Dhruv Gupta, Sports Writer • May 3, 2023

As the weather warms and the semester draws to a close, certain seniors in the Pinewood community look to prepare for the next step in their...

Spinners Pinewood Sports Journey
Spinner's Pinewood Sports Journey
Peyton Spinner, Sports Writer • May 3, 2023

 It was my first day at my new school — a warm afternoon after the dog days of summer. I was a little nervous meeting so many new people....

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