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Girls Basketball Gets Its Due

Girls Basketball Gets Its Due

Jolyn Ding, Sports Editor November 20, 2023

55,646 fans. Nationally-televised women’s basketball game. Iowa City, Iowa. Put it in the record books. The roar of the Hawkeye crowd rings in the ears of every player, coach, and fan in Kinnick...

Courtesy of Skylar Chui

Take Note Releases Fifth EP

Michael Shtrom, Arts & Culture Editor October 31, 2023

   On Sept. 19, Pinewood’s a cappella group Take Note released their fifth extended play record. Following the group’s tradition of releasing a new EP each year, “Every Little Thing,” was recorded...

Brandon Ge catches football in stride during practice.

“Welcome to Football, Brandon”

Brandon Ge, Copy Editor October 19, 2023

“You’re playing football? Really?” That was the usual shocked response I got when I told people I was joining the team. And to be fair, their surprise was probably justified. What made me, a lanky...

Haun and Parenti pose for a photo.

Girls Lead Junior High Flag Football Team

Jolyn Ding and Christina Tanase October 17, 2023

Girls flag football is no longer just a casual sporting event. In fact, in February, the California Interscholastic Federation recognized it as an official high school sport across all schools. With this...

Sophia Chengs Holy Trio of Actresses

Sophia Cheng’s Holy Trio of Actresses

Sophia Cheng, Editor-in-Chief October 17, 2023

Hollywood is notorious for many things — the glamor, the snobbish peacocking, the tucked-away mansions. But perhaps what the industry is best known for is the image of the struggling actor, and its counterpart,...

Formula 1 For Beginners

Formula 1 For Beginners

Colin Ternus, Photography Editor October 17, 2023

Mechanical behemoths fly by, swaying you side to side in the backwash of their massive wings. Engines roar and tires squeal, as teams and drivers compete to be number one. Strategies strike, grip wears,...

To Our Senior Editors: Thank You!

To Our Senior Editors: Thank You!

Samantha Hsiung  If you’ve ever spent even five minutes with Sam, you know that her humor and passion are infectious. From her insistence of calling everyone, including Ms. Wetzel and Mr. Jezak,...

Taken June 8, 2017 (6th grade) at my brothers 8th grade graduation. From left to right: me, my brother, and my mom.

A Letter to My Mother: Thank You For Forcing Me to Go to Pinewood

Samantha Hsiung, Editor-in-Chief May 2, 2023

To my mother I am 11. You’ve just picked me up from school in our white Lexus after track and field practice. We drive down Bubb Road, rustling through familiar routes — past wandering children,...

Nates Senior Wrap

Nate’s Senior Wrap

Nate Martin, Sports Editor May 2, 2023

My time at Pinewood wouldn’t be what it was without the soundtrack that surrounded it. Music unlocks memories, taking me back to a specific place or reminding me of a specific person. Because of this,...

Returning To Our Origins: The End of the Dumpling Column

Returning To Our Origins: The End of the Dumpling Column

After months of restaurant hopping and late night article crunches, the infamous dumpling column club returned to our original location: Fu Lam Mum. Despite being our final dumpling excursion, no one...

Since the beginning of the 2022-23 school year, free menstrual products have been available in womens bathrooms.

Going with the Flow: Menstrual Products & Pinewood

Karina Aronson, Editor-in-Chief March 1, 2023

   When senior Rachel Farhoudi got her period for the first time in elementary school, she remembers her lack of access to menstrual products, instead using toilet paper.     “I did not know...

Scouring through Safeways freezers, Sam,  Sophia, Karina, and Sally ponder which of the repulsive flavors to try.

Hot Pockets: America’s Abominable Dumplings

Did you know that Hot Pockets are considered a type of dumpling? Well, we didn’t! But according to Wikipedia, anything that “consist[s] of pieces of dough… oftentimes wrapped around a filling”...

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