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Top 3 Things to Do Instead of Going to Class

Mei Miyahara

We all know the classroom brings us academic growth and teacher guidance, but there are other avenues to broaden our minds. By occasionally ditching class and expanding your world experience by getting the heck out of school, you can gain a deeper and more three-dimensional understanding of the world. Here are three things to do instead of going to class:


  1. Hold Taylor Swift Rallies

Don’t let professors give you “Bad Blood” about skipping class. Taylor Swift’s economic impact is undeniable — her total economic impact exceeds $10 billion. Prestigious universities have even offered courses on Taylor Swift, such as Harvard’s “Taylor Swift and Her World” course. Regardless of whether you are a Swiftie or not, holding this rally would be an invaluable experience. Anything goes, such as trading friendship bracelets and holding a Travis Kelce look-alike contest. Or, we could even rally, as many people as possible to beat the record of a 2.3 magnitude “Swift Quake.” All we need is a measly 70,000 people! #TaylorSwiftForPinewood


  1. Have Juicy Make Out Sessions

As many students mature, this may be a time of social exploration. What better way to get a taste of dating than with a trial session? For those interested, here are the “rules of engagement.”

  1. a) Be sure to get permission from the other party — consent is key!
  2. b) Make sure to brush your teeth for good breath. For those with braces, beware of potential entanglement.
  3. c) Find a romantic place. For example, pick a spot with birds singing the symphony of love with their melodic tunes filling the air. 
  4. d) Bring your Bluetooth speaker and stream some romantic songs, such as Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On.”


  1. Organize a Talent Show

To encourage more cross-grade collaboration, you should skip class to organize a talent show where each group consists of one student from each grade. Students must perform in an entirely foreign language, consume wasabi while performing or perform completely blindfolded. Because this requires several days of rehearsing, participants can take as many days off from school as they need. The runner-ups will each receive a specially-crafted block inscribed with “consolation prize.” The first-place winners will receive a 24-carat plated gold trophy and will be entered to compete in America’s Got Talent 2025.

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