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Pinewood Football Takes on Ballet

Gabby Yang

   Although ballet and football seem like two completely different activities, they may be more similar than you think. Football requires balance and coordination, from trying to keep your toes inbound to having coordinated offensive routines. It also requires players to run specific routes to win games, like a dance routine. This is why Pinewood Football’s team head coach, Yong Kim, has just announced the addition of Ballet Classes to their practices. 

   Starting in the summer, all football players will be required to take ballet classes to improve their performances in the game. Players must also compete in competitions to win starting spots. Kim must supervise each event and judge it on a scale of one to a hundred, following the criteria of technique, performance, presentation, choreography, and overall impression.

   “I’m proud to say that Pinewood is pioneering the use of ballet classes,” Kim said. We’ve had some test results before, and they show clear improvement by the players.”

   One of the players who tested the use of ballet in football was senior Brandon Ge. Gevolunteered to take part in a small class that taught ballet over two weeks.

  “I was apprehensive at first, but then I realized that dancing with my friends is actually really fun,” Ge said. “I feel like we’ve improved a lot due to these classes, and I’m looking forward to doing more of this in the future.”

   However, Kim also realizes that ballet might be too enjoyable to keep during the season. As more of the seniors in the test group spend more time dancing instead of practicing, Kim fears that they might turn to Ballet and give up football.

   “I’ve seen how much fun the players have while dancing,” said Kim. They love it, and I can see them turning away from football in favor of ballet.”

   However, Ge and the other players in the group reaffirmed their commitment to football. 

   “I love playing football and will do anything to improve. Although I do love ballet now, I don’t think I will give football up to focus on ballet,” Ge said.

   Although Pinewood is the first team to embrace ballet classes as part of its training program openly, Kim doesn’t think they will be the last.

  “I believe that most teams will try to do what we’re doing because they see us getting better and will try to emulate it,” Kim said.

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