Mondo, I Am Your Father: Kim Family Welcomes a New Addition

Addison Parenti, Arts & Culture Writer

Not too long ago in a galaxy not too far away, Baby Yoda was discovered at Pinewood School. Earlier that week, Pinewood physics teacher Yong Kim was spotted watching TikToks that he created of him and his daughter, Josie Kim. But there was something slightly off about Josie. Is Josie Kim really Josie Kim?

On March 20, sophomore Violet Negrette uncovered Josie’s true identity. 

“I was just walking to math class when I decided to say hi to Mr. Kim,” Negrette said, “I didn’t expect to see what I saw.”

What Negrette saw blew her mind: Yong was scrolling through his TikTok drafts, and when Negrette entered, he quickly closed the app. But what he didn’t know was that Negrette saw a clip of Kim disguising Baby Yoda as Josie.

After the word spread, Pinewood students saw an Instagram post that the Mandalorian had been searching for Baby Yoda for five months. Coincidentally (or not), Josie was born exactly five months earlier.

When Kim heard the rumors from students, he decided to come clean and tell the truth.

“Students, the rumors are true,” Kim said, “My daughter is not a real baby, she’s Baby Yoda. I just couldn’t help myself. Ever since The Mandalorian was released, my wife and I knew we had to meet ‘The Child.’ We felt the best way was to kidnap ‘The Child’ and to disguise him as Josie.”

Although Kim thought he would be shamed, the students were excited for him. Freshman Lara Parikh supports Kim completely.

“Knowing that he’s a big Star Wars fan, this must be a dream come true,” Parikh said. “I’m happy for him because it’s rare to meet your favorite characters, much less become their parent.”

Seventh grader Sloane Parenti, however, is worried about the effects of Kim kidnapping Baby Yoda.

“Obviously this is amazing for Mr. Kim,” said Parenti. “But what if Mondo [the Mandalorian] comes after him? Who knows what he could do?”

Due to student concerns for his safety, Kim has prepared his lightsabers for battle by switching them from play mode to battle mode. However, he feels safe because his visit with Grogu is shortly coming to an end.

“These past five months have been exhilarating,” Kim said. “But my wife and I have agreed that it’s time to return Grogu to his rightful companion. We don’t want Mondo to worry any more than he already has, so Baby Yoda will be back home after Spring Break.”