Students Now Allowed to Overthrow Teachers in Class

Harry Yang, Opinion Writer

Pinewood has implemented a few rules to increase happiness on campus. One rule designates days in which students are assigned the role of teaching. I believe that this new rule is beneficial to students in Pinewood as students exhibit patience and understanding. They are so mature while in a room without teachers, and never throw tantrums if the snack shack is closed. Students will also be able to learn in a more efficient manner by learning from each other instead of learning from teachers because they now have the complete ability to insult their teacher whenever they want, such as calling them stupid and asking how old they are. The person that is teaching the class also gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the world of teaching by yelling at their own classmates, giving them soul-crushing grades, giving students no sleep, and not preparing them for the real world. They will have to prepare for their incoming lesson and get ready to inherit their role as a teacher by increasing the level of caffeine they chug. This new rule is endorsed by many of the teachers such as history teacher Sophie Williams to lighten their workload and make students suffer. 

“This idea is a great step in the future of academics because it helps me get paid while not working. I also love the fact I can make students suffer in front of their classmates,” Williams says.

By doing this, students will get to learn more about their subject and understand why the topic they are learning is useless, such as math and language arts. They will have to learn and research the ins-and-outs of whatever they are teaching in order to not destroy their whole social life. 

Another rule that was implemented in this new change to Pinewood is the ability to impeach teachers out of their jobs if students decide that they want change. This rule was made in response to tyrannical power that teachers have and the obvious need for more well educated people such as children. This power has gotten into the heads of many and has corrupted their style of teaching. They often give pop quizzes on the same day as a major test, assign big projects and have them due in fifteen minutes, and give a hundred page exam with a time limit of ten minutes.. However, this shift in society will make teachers answer to students more often in order to keep their jobs and to also give every student an A. In this new society, power is not distributed among the elite, rather it is distributed among the common people. A major proponent of this new change is Head of Campus Gabriel Lemmon. He welcomes the new equality that is given to the students.

Lemmon says, “This whole new system is great for the learning environment of Pinewood. It will be wonderful to walk down the hallway and hear crying while getting mentally abused by their classmates. I am looking forward to the effects that this will have in Pinewood.”  

Overall, these new changes to Pinewood are something that should be welcomed and celebrated as a day of independence for students.