Behind the Suit: Who Could Perry the Panther Be?

Aretha Liu, Arts & Culture Writer


Known and beloved by all, Pinewood’s renowned Perry the Panther can typically be seen on the sidelines during school assemblies. Whether it be dancing, cheering, or posing with fans, Perry the Panther is able to do it all while simultaneously keeping a secret identity. To this day, there has yet to be an official reveal of the beloved mascot, which leaves it to us to figure out who, or what, is inside the Perry suit. 

From many meticulous hours of gathering intel from insiders privy to Perry’s whereabouts, I’ve deduced a top three list of who and what Perry the “Panther” could possibly be. 

Perry the Platypus

Being able to keep one’s identity a secret for so long is no easy feat by any means. The art of confidentiality can only be mastered by a true secret agent — such as Perry the Platypus. Being able to sneak out without anyone catching a glimpse of what’s under the mask is only doable with the skills of one particular platypus. But everyone makes mistakes. In Perry’s case, using only one name for two secret identities was a fatal mistake. Turns out even the best of agents are still fallible.

JoJo Siwa

Yes, the beloved singer and dancer we all know and love, JoJo Siwa, could in fact be the beloved Perry the Panther. How else do you think Perry the Panther is able to dance so well in the Panther Pit? It’s because JoJo Siwa is inside the suit. Now that the secret is out, expect to hear a catchy solo from Perry/JoJo at your next assembly.

Shuri, Princess of Wakanda

As the Black Panther, Shuri has many responsibilities and duties to keep up with in her day-to-day life, one of them being Pinewood’s very own Perry the Panther. When she’s not protecting her kingdom of Wakanda from Avenger-level threats, she’s here at Pinewood, dishing out moves in the Panther Pit for school assemblies.

But no matter how much we theorize about the identity of Perry the Panther, the fact remains –– no one knows who’s behind the Panther suit.