Take Note Extended Play Release “Whatever We Feel”

Addison Parenti, Staff Writer

Pinewood Take Note, the school’s a cappella group, released its EP “Whatever We Feel” on December 14, 2022.

Each year, Pinewood’s Take Note acapella ensemble releases an album showcasing their work. This year’s release features four tracks sung by the 2021-22 ensemble; “Dancing in the Street”, “jealousy, jealousy”, “Left Side”, and “Whatever We Feel”.

Take Note Director Katie Linza discussed how each piece features a different soloist and reflects their unique voice.

“At the beginning of the year, we’ll take the new group and I’ll ask them what songs they like, singers they like,” Linza said. “Based on their preferences and what I know of their voices, I choose music that suits certain soloists.”

Although the creative process of choosing a portfolio of songs is crucial, the recording experience is just as memorable. Take Note alumna Magnolia Lemmon, who was also part of the group’s 2021 EP “The Weather,” valued the rare opportunity to record in a studio.

“It was wonderful that we got a chance to record professionally this time, as opposed to the prior year… [during] which [I] recorded remotely in my bedroom,” Lemmon said. “My favorite part about recording these songs was definitely creating the cheering audio for the song ‘Whatever We Feel’ as it was like a little party in the studio.”

“Whatever We Feel” also includes current senior Daniel Blotter, who is enthusiastic about the release. 

“It’s awesome,” Blotter said. “We put a lot of work into it and it was a lot of fun to make.”

Click here to listen to their album!