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The Perennial

The Perennial

The Perennial

College Counselor Marvin Coote looks over senior Nate Martin’s work.

The Future of Pinewood College Counseling

Violet Negrette, News Writer October 5, 2022

To most students, one of the most integral parts of an education is finding the ideal college that fits their interests and properly prepares them for the adult world. This places a lot of pressure on...

Meet the 12 New Faculty Members Joining Pinewood

Vishesh Ranganathan and Kathleen Xie October 5, 2022

Kelly Spicer    Kelly Spicer is the new seventh grade writing and eighth grade literature teacher. Her favorite show to binge watch is “Doctor Who.” “I most love how Doctor Who – like...

New Year, New Clubs

New Year, New Clubs

Christina Tanase, News Writer October 5, 2022

This past September, four new clubs made their debut at the annual Pinewood Club Fair: the Kenpo Karate Club, the Girls Who Code Club, the Finance and Business Club, and the Pinewood Clicks Club.  One...

Photo courtesy of Audio and Video Production Class

Production Class Brings Digital Announcements

Lara Parikh, Science & Tech Writer October 5, 2022

This past year, Pinewood has added a new course to their curriculum: The Audio and Video Production class. Run by teacher Rob Bergenstock, this class has become the studio for the new morning announcements....

From Online To In Person: Updates to Pinewood’s Tech

Andrew Wang, Science & Tech Writer October 5, 2022

The Tech Club and the Robotics Team, two of Pinewood’s STEM-focused groups, have begun preparing for the inevitably busy school year. At the club fair held on Aug. 31, both clubs recruited new members.  Advised...

VR Headset Glasses: No More Bulky Experiences

VR Headset Glasses: No More Bulky Experiences

Ian Hsiao, Science & Tech Writer October 5, 2022

Stanford and NVIDIA researchers have revolutionized bulky VR headsets into slim glasses through new, cutting-edge technology. NVIDIA is a technology company that specializes in graphic processing chips,...

Courtesy of Netflix

“Never Have I Ever” Through The Lense of an Indian American

Prisha Mohapatra, Copy Editor & Opinion Writer October 5, 2022

Never have I ever watched a show that I could relate to more. Netflix’s teen romance-comedy “Never Have I Ever” encompasses the essence of what it is like to be an IndianAmerican teen. The plot follows...

Fall Play, Mr. Burns, Coming Soon

Fall Play, “Mr. Burns,” Coming Soon

Michael Shtrom, Arts & Culture Writer October 5, 2022

The Performing Arts department is rehearsing its fall play, “Mr. Burns, A Post Electric Play,” for its premiere in November.  The play follows a group of actors who try to distract themselves from...

A light cone, as described in Stephen Hawkings A Brief History of Time

Correlating Cones: Connecting Calculus to Life

Samantha Hsiung, Editor-in-Chief October 5, 2022

A month ago, out of boredom, I picked up a copy of physicist Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time.” In short, it documents the complexities of space and quantum physics. And there’s one concept...

Pinewood Celebrates Homecoming with Disco Roller Skate Party

Pinewood Celebrates Homecoming with Disco Roller Skate Party

Annabelle Eaton, Sport Writer October 5, 2022

Rolling into the new school year, Pinewood seniors revisited their freshman year homecoming at a roller skating rink on Friday, Sep. 30.  Commemorating the past and celebrating the year to come, this...

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