Fall Play, “Mr. Burns,” Coming Soon

The Performing Arts department is rehearsing its fall play, “Mr. Burns, A Post Electric Play,” for its premiere in November.  The play follows a group of actors who try to distract themselves from their post-apocalyptic world by staging classic episodes of “The Simpsons.” Over the course of three acts, these performances evolve from mediocre plays to quasi-religious rituals.

Director Katie Linza appreciates the purpose behind using “The Simpsons” in this play.

“[“The Simpsons”] is so much a part of [American] culture because it’s been around so long,” Linza said. “The point … was to pick a show that everybody knows, and everybody knows those characters.”

Quite unconventionally for a play, “Mr. Burns” heavily features music as the characters use it to remind themselves of their past lives, which Linza finds intriguing.

“[Incorporating music] is something I really love doing, and this play was a natural fit,” she said.

With the incorporation of music, the rehearsal structure for the fall play has been altered from past plays.

“We’re treating rehearsals like [we would for] a musical; our rehearsal period is a little bit longer for this show because there is so much music and choreography,” Linza said.

Despite the change in rehearsal structure, junior Kaelyn Smith still commends the rehearsal process for its positive and efficient atmosphere.

“We get a lot of stuff done,” Smith said. “It’s not a very big cast, so I feel like we’re more focused.”

Similarly, stage manager Julianne Ting is excited for rehearsals.

“I’m really excited to watch the cast members deliver their lines,” Ting said. “It’s so much fun to see how much life they give each character.”

The play reflects on pop culture’s impact on society, something that was a deciding factor in Linza’s choice.

“Entertainment is such a powerful part of our lives,” she said. “

It helps us define who we are, and it helps us tell our stories.”

“Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play” will be at the Pinewood Upper Campus theater at 7:00 p.m. from Nov. 2 to Nov. 5.