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Samantha Hsiung

Samantha Hsiung, Editor-in-Chief

Samantha (or Sam) Hsiung (12) is the co-Editor-in-Chief of The Perennial. She joined journalism to be more involved in her school community, and it’s now one of her favorite hobbies and passions. Aside from journalism, she likes writing poetry, fencing, playing the piano, and not getting enough sleep.

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French Teacher Madame Anna Daniel Retires After 26 Years At Pinewood

French Teacher Madame Anna Daniel Retires After 26 Years At Pinewood

Samantha Hsiung, Editor-in-Chief May 3, 2023

Five years ago, I nervously walked into my first French 2 class in Room 6, greeted by a flurry of Marie Antoinette posters, French maps, miniature Eiffel Tower models, and a smile from French teacher...

Taken June 8, 2017 (6th grade) at my brothers 8th grade graduation. From left to right: me, my brother, and my mom.

A Letter to My Mother: Thank You For Forcing Me to Go to Pinewood

Samantha Hsiung, Editor-in-Chief May 2, 2023

To my mother I am 11. You’ve just picked me up from school in our white Lexus after track and field practice. We drive down Bubb Road, rustling through familiar routes — past wandering children,...

Returning To Our Origins: The End of the Dumpling Column

Returning To Our Origins: The End of the Dumpling Column

After months of restaurant hopping and late night article crunches, the infamous dumpling column club returned to our original location: Fu Lam Mum. Despite being our final dumpling excursion, no one...



Citing the all powerful Wiki, a dumpling is “pieces of cooked dough. . . often wrapped around a filling.” So using our cupcake batter as our tasty, crusty dough and our delicious, fresh (and definitely...

Featuring Sally King and Samantha Hsiung

Journalism’s Crypto Scheme

Samantha Hsiung, Editor-in-Chief March 29, 2023

Recent rumors have alleged The Purrrennial, Pinewood’s student newspaper, to be an organization that functions solely through unpaid, involuntary child labor used to further Journalism advisor Sam Jezak’s...

A fallen tree crushes a Middle Campus fence, finding its way into a neighboring homes yard. The only damage was done to the fence.

Power Outages and Fallen Trees: High Speed Winds Impact Pinewood Campuses

Samantha Hsiung and Karina Aronson March 16, 2023

Bleachers flopping over on football fields. Trash cans flying into nearby buildings. Neighborhood fences knocking each other down like dominoes.  Pinewood’s Upper Campus is closed for a second day...

Scouring through Safeways freezers, Sam,  Sophia, Karina, and Sally ponder which of the repulsive flavors to try.

Hot Pockets: America’s Abominable Dumplings

Did you know that Hot Pockets are considered a type of dumpling? Well, we didn’t! But according to Wikipedia, anything that “consist[s] of pieces of dough… oftentimes wrapped around a filling”...

Second semester senior Sam Hsiung priorities sleep over school.

Sam’s Struggle with Senioritis

Samantha Hsiung, Editor-in-Chief March 1, 2023

One of my current favorite poems, “Meditations in an Emergency” by Cameron Awkward-Rich, begins like this: “I wake up & it breaks my heart.” As a second-semester senior, this line couldn’t...

Empanadas: A Multicultural Dumpling Fusion

Empanadas: A Multicultural Dumpling Fusion

Karina Aronson, Samantha Hsiung, Sophia Yao, and Sally King February 1, 2023

Located in Campbell, Best Artisan Empanadas Cafe is a multigenerational South American-style empanada restaurant, run by Ernesto May and daughter Stephanie Solorio. At BAE Cafe, empanadas (Spanish and...

Dumping a NEW Dumpling Column

Dumping a NEW Dumpling Column

Samantha Hsiung, Karina Aronson, Sally King, and Sophia Yao November 9, 2022

  We’ve set out to expand our cultural culinary exposure, naturally forcing some of the Perennial editorial staff to try different types of dumplings. Our fascination with dumplings comes...

A light cone, as described in Stephen Hawkings A Brief History of Time

Correlating Cones: Connecting Calculus to Life

Samantha Hsiung, Editor-in-Chief October 5, 2022

A month ago, out of boredom, I picked up a copy of physicist Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time.” In short, it documents the complexities of space and quantum physics. And there’s one concept...

Photo courtesy of U Star Novels.

Why We Should Still Read Huck Finn

Samantha Hsiung, Editor-in-Chief March 1, 2022

Widely regarded as “The Great American Novel,” Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” is a story of Huck, a young white boy, and Jim, a runaway slave, journeying down the Mississippi...

Photo courtesy of Twitter.

Cultural Appropriation: Scandals in the Media

Samantha Hsiung, Editor-in-Chief March 16, 2021

Selena Gomez donning herself in a bindi and an Indian dress during her concerts. Pharrell Williams dressing in a Native American headdress for the cover of Elle UK. Katy Perry appearing at the 2013 American...

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