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Annabelle Eaton, Copy Editor & News Writer

Annabelle Eaton (11) is a copy editor and news writer for The Perennial and this is her third year on staff. She writes articles for the Los Altos Town Crier and loves connecting the Pinewood and local communities through journalism. In her free time, she plays volleyball, goes to the beach, and drinks boba.

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Pinewood Welcomes New Head of Upper Campus Eve Kulbieda

Pinewood Welcomes New Head of Upper Campus Eve Kulbieda

Annabelle Eaton, Copy Editor May 3, 2024

With the start of the 2024-25 school year, Pinewood will welcome new Head of School Eve Kulbieda, who comes from nearby Castilleja School. Kulbieda will replace current Head of Upper Campus Gabriel Lemmon. At...

Senior edits pictured from left to right: Sophia Yao, Arjun Kelkar, Brandon Ge, Karina Aronson, Raghav Ramgopal, Emma Hwang, Colin Ternus and Sophia Cheng.

A Teary Goodbye to Journalism’s Senior Editors

Karina Aronson I knew you when I was five years old. Though our conversations were likely lacking in those first few years, you have since become a role model for me in every way. Calm and collected,...

Junior Annabelle Eaton standing among claimed robot classmates.

Robots Among Us

Annabelle Eaton, Staff Writer March 27, 2024

   It was another rainy day in winter — the simulation would do that, wouldn’t it — and I was complaining to junior Jonathan Detkin. After following the typical trend of staring dumbfounded...

From Communist Bulgaria to Pinewood School

From Communist Bulgaria to Pinewood School

Annabelle Eaton, Staff Writer March 11, 2024

The fall of the Berlin Wall was a distant event for many — oceans away on TV screens and newspapers — but, for a high-school-aged Ellie Pojarska, it meant the possibility of an education in the United...

New School Year, New Face For Upper Campus

New School Year, New Face For Upper Campus

Annabelle Eaton and Ian Hsiao February 4, 2024

   A Pinewood podcast. A Pinewood magazine. A new school website. The new year arrives and so does a push for more Pinewood marketing and communications material. With it, Pinewood hopes to give prospective...

Courtesy: SMUGMUG

Who’s on the Board? President Riches Gives an Inside Look

Annabelle Eaton, News Writer & Copy Editor November 20, 2023

The Pinewood School Board is an elusive entity. While students don’t often see board members around campus, the board often works behind the scenes to coordinate finances and Pinewood’s long term goals.  “The...

ASB and Kyle Riiches have brought the new student life app, 5-Star Students, to Pinewood

ASB Introduces New 5-Star App

Annabelle Eaton, Copy Editor October 17, 2023

Gone are the days of lunchtimes forsaken to take a test, paper-and-pencil hunts for ticket purchases and washed-out whiteboards holding the traces of forgotten spirit points. In their stead, Pinewood...

Stories From the End of the Line: Seniors Reflect Upon Their Time at Pinewood

Annabelle Eaton, News Writer May 2, 2023

A last lunchtime in the Cue Quad. A last soccer game and a last chance to be a student at Pinewood. For Senior Class President Rathi Kolappa, graduation signifies the end of an era.  When she got to...

Why Happiness Week Makes Me Miserable

Annabelle Eaton, News Writer March 27, 2023

Cookies painted with smirking yellow faces. A petting zoo full of snarling behemoths. Students running around laughing — or are they? The so-called “Happiness” Week descends upon Pinewood with...

Safety measures like these help the Pinewood community effectively respond to emergency situations

Is Pinewood Prepared?

Annabelle Eaton, News Writer March 1, 2023

What started out with fireworks, festivities, and celebrations for the Lunar New Year instead ended with shots fired and 11 dead. This was the scene of the Monterey Park shooting — only one of three...

Bomb Cyclone Bombards Admin

Bomb Cyclone Bombards Admin

Annabelle Eaton, News Writer February 1, 2023

Despite the recent weather giving way to floods, power outages, and school closures, the Pinewood community has made efforts to be anything but stormy.  For senior Myles Fox, the commute to school...

Pinewood and Elections: Students Get Involved In Government

Pinewood and Elections: Students Get Involved In Government

Annabelle Eaton, News Writer November 8, 2022

Freshman Soha Budhani didn’t think about politics. Before this past spring, she didn’t care about candidates’ policies or their names. Budhani left the elections to her parents — as most 13-year-olds...

Pinewood Celebrates Homecoming with Disco Roller Skate Party

Pinewood Celebrates Homecoming with Disco Roller Skate Party

Annabelle Eaton, Sport Writer October 5, 2022

Rolling into the new school year, Pinewood seniors revisited their freshman year homecoming at a roller skating rink on Friday, Sep. 30.  Commemorating the past and celebrating the year to come, this...

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