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Who’s on the Board? President Riches Gives an Inside Look

Courtesy: SMUGMUG

The Pinewood School Board is an elusive entity. While students don’t often see board members around campus, the board often works behind the scenes to coordinate finances and Pinewood’s long term goals. 

“The board’s primary duty is to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of [Pinewood] while upholding its mission and values,” Head of School Scott Riches said.

The board is made up of five members, all of whom are related by blood or marriage to the founding family of Pinewood. Aside from Scott Riches, they are Board Secretary Laura Blotter, Board Chair Victor Riches Jr., and members Kathleen Pickett and Dennis Riches. 

Scott Riches’ role on the board is to serve as the liaison between the administration and the board. He takes the lead on meeting Pinewood’s goals as well as carries out the board’s decisions within the administration.  

“Ultimately, I am responsible for implementing the policies and decisions made by the board,” Scott Riches said. “I work to ensure that the school’s operations and activities align with the board’s directives.” 

With the recent acquisition of a 40-year lease on Upper Campus, the board’s newest goal is to make renovations to the school. 

“Significant facility renovations will be a primary focus of the board,” Scott Riches said. “But we are still in the planning stages of what that might look like.” 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the board disagreed when it came to coordinating online and hybrid learning. They may face similar issues with the remodel.

“It was not an easy task knowing that various individuals had different opinions on what was best for students but also trying to balance safety concerns,” Scott Riches said.

With the high cost of living in the Bay Area, the board also struggles to retain and attract faculty and staff. In the coming years, they will make supporting faculty and staff one of their top priorities. 

The Pinewood Board of Directors have given a lifetime of dedication to the school due to the close ties of the family founding of the school,” Scott Riches said. “They are committed to the integrity of the past, the stability of the present and the viability of the future.”


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