Meet Katy Wells, Director of Communications

Since she was hired in 2019, Director of Communications Katy Wells has been an integral part of Pinewood’s online presence. Not only has she worked to revamp the school’s social media and website, but she’s also a beloved member of the community.

When Wells first came to visit the school in 2019, she was surprised by the strong community spirit because her research on the school had been limited to the website, which, at the time, did not reflect the energy found on campus. It became her goal to digitally convey the Pinewood experience through a rejuvenated website.

For the past few years, Wells has worked to create a clean and fresh online presence. Through new content and strategies, she has launched new campaigns to engage viewers. Starting second semester last year, the communications team has allowed Upper Campus students to do Instagram takeovers, where they can use the Instagram account to post about their experience.

“I think there’s nothing better than students sharing the Pinewood experience from their own perspective,” Wells said.

Students have done takeovers for field trips like the Pinewood Scholars Program field trip and the Steinbeck Country field trip. Wells and Director of Student Life Kyle Riches have also focused on athletics, creating promos to garner interest and attendance at games.

Aside from enhancing communications across the Pinewood community, Wells enjoys reading in her spare time and has befriended teachers Sarah Prestwood and Ellie Pojarska through their mutual love for books. They frequently discuss books over text and Goodreads. Pojarska and Prestwood describe Wells as gracious, caring, and engaged.

“Pinewood is like a big, colorful quilt,” Wells said. “At a glance, you’ll see a vibrant and cohesive design. Zoom in, and you’ll find countless individual pieces of fabric and thread, all working together to form that big, beautiful picture.”