2022-2023 NBA Season Preview

With the NBA season two weeks away, excitement is in the air. Many teams have reloaded and gained new stars, while others have drafted rookies with limitless potential. Controversy and trades have highlighted this off-season, but with Oct. 18 closing in, there is much to cover. 

According to SISportsBook, the favorites for this upcoming season are the Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns, and Milwaukee Bucks. Students seem to agree, with many predicting the Warriors will rule victorious. One student holds an uncommon view, however. Freshman Josh Tian predicts that the Los Angeles Clippers will triumph.

“They had a lot of injuries last year, but Kawhi (Leonard) and PG (Paul George) are healthy now,” Tian said, “Also, they got John Wall so they’ll make it work.”

In 2019, the Clippers signed all-stars Leonard and George to great fanfare, but the duo has failed to find chemistry on the court. The organization hopes that the addition of Wall will bring the team a championship.

This off-season saw multiple blockbuster trades and contract controversy. The Utah Jazz fell from contention in the Western Conference, and was forced to rebuild after trading away its stars for draft picks. The San Antonio Spurs traded star Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks. These and other trades sent shockwaves around the league as new contenders rose and old favorites fell.

One team that has maintained its key players is the Brooklyn Nets. However, the organization had a hectic summer with trade talks surrounding Kevin Durant. The 12-time all-star could not find a new home, forcing him to stay in Brooklyn. Many wonder what this means for the Nets since Kyrie Irving’s contract leaves only one year for the dynamic duo to score a championship.

Finally, the talk of the town is whether the Los Angeles Lakers can rediscover their 2020 magic and clinch another championship. The past two years have been riddled with injuries and disappointment, but there is a new sense of hope for this upcoming season. With the addition of Patrick Beverley, the Lakers hope to make their aging squad click before it’s too late.

This new season holds untold promises. With trades, future stars, and free agent signings, the possibility of a new champion looms large. No one knows who will come out on top, but one thing is clear: the 2022-2023 NBA season is one to keep an eye on.