The Monarchy Should Be Overthrown

My public opinion is that I don’t want King Charles III dead. My private opinion is private. The royal monarchy of Great Britain is one of long standing consequences. It has overseen the fall of the kingdoms around it, discovered the new world, and eventually separated from it— all under one kingdom. 

But, modern day has brought with it light that no enlightenment ever brought. We have discovered ourselves as human beings and learned about democracy, freedom, and unalienable rights of humans. The British monarchy doesn’t fit in. If you were to ask a British citizen what the monarchy provides, the responses would vary significantly, whether they be economic, sentimental, or anything in between. 

However, in my opinion, both of these points are moot. First, to argue that removing the monarchy would lead to a loss of government funding from Great Britain is ridiculous. The British monarchy spent 102.1 million pounds maintaining itself, and while the British monarchy makes Britain 269 million pounds from tourism, the removal of the British monarchy wouldn’t erase the historical sites of Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey. They would still make millions of pounds of wealth for the British government, while avoiding some of the cost of maintaining the British monarchy.

But, the true issue is the sentimentality that comes with the idea of the British monarchy. Let me make this clear: The British monarchy contributes nothing to the British government. In technicality, the British monarchy has the power to approve ministers, approve new laws, and preside over the opening and dissolving of Parliament. In reality, you could replace King Charles with a mop, which would also do as a more intelligent replacement, and resembles the feel and texture of his head. 

Additionally, when the crown did have power, things didn’t go well for others, especially indigenous individuals of other nations. Take for example, basically every country where Britain set foot. India, North America, South America and the Caribbean, and Africa are all examples of places where you can smell tea and blood on the pages of history. 

Whole continents worth of people have been slaughtered by the British monarchy. The idea that the monarchy is in any way a cultural benefit to the people of Britain is absolute poppycock. There is no reasonable argument that can separate The Crown from blatant racism and the horrible treatment of hundreds of millions of people. The colonizing, slaughtering empire of Britain has fallen, but here lies its skeleton, still trying to move. For reference, see King Charles.