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Charlotte’s Legacy on Pinewood Women’s Soccer

Violet Negrette
Violet and Charlotte posing for a picture at Senior Night

 Pinewood soccer is a boisterous cacophony of emotions. Every practice and game, whether home or away, exudes passion and difficulty. As a club soccer player, I began every game with a vision of what I wanted to achieve, but I always left the field with a new perspective on my abilities; Pinewood soccer is a truly unique experience. I have undoubtedly grown in my strength and skills since freshman year, and I am so excited to see what I can achieve during my final season. 

   I can easily recall some momentous occasions that define my role as a player on Pinewood soccer. I remember last minute goals and tumultuous celebrations. I reminisce about unexpected moments of luck against talented teams, bringing our own group closer together. Most importantly, I can remember the faces of my teammates when they achieved personal victories, small and large, while playing the sport that defines so much of who I am. While I will undoubtedly continue my reign of terror on the field for my senior year, there is one aspect of Pinewood soccer that I will never get to experience again. And, undoubtedly, this is something only Pinewood soccer could bring. 

   What I am referring to is the easy-going friendship and inspiring leadership of senior Charlotte van Gent. No matter the outcome of a game, I could always rely on her steadfast presence and continued motivation. Charlotte became my twin for three wonderful years. She saw me as an eager freshman, an overly opinionated sophomore and a zealous junior. Each year, we walked side-by-side onto the field and hobbled together off the field. She was my warm-up conversationalist, a mentor for referee arguments and eternal practice competitor. Who knows how this next season might unfold without her there to help leash my frustration towards antagonistic Crystal Springs players. 

   Charlotte is also an incredibly loyal and passionate friend, and I am forever thankful for the hours we spent together on and off the field, growing in friendship and laughing at the fleeting nature of our problems. 

   With the final season looming ahead, part of me mourns the fact that my close friend will not be there to see it. Either way, I cannot wait to take up the mantle Charlotte left behind and help lead the team to a successful season with plenty of memorable moments. Still, part of me hopes she’ll miraculously fail high school and be forced to stay another year because I really don’t feel like looking for a new warm-up partner or best friend. 

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