Pinewood Students’ Favorite Places to Visit in Los Altos

Kathleen Xie, Staff Writer

The city of Los Altos — the home of Pinewood School — contains numerous places that are beloved among Pinewood students, from desert shops to nature parks. Below, four Pinewood students share their favorite places in Los Altos and their memories associated with them.


Satura Cakes

Sophomore Mei Miyahara’s favorite is Satura Cakes. Situated in the heart of downtown Los Altos, Satura Cakes is a popular cake shop among Los Altos residents. Miyahara described the pastries there as delicious.

“I remember after my last day of finals, I went there with my mother and bought their cream puffs,” Miyahara said. “I would highly recommend it.”


Lisa’s Tea Treasures

Lisa’s Tea Treasures, also located in downtown Los Altos, is highly praised by junior Simon Braun. Braun said that although he doesn’t usually spend much time in Los Altos due to living in another city, he visited this tea shop for a birthday and thoroughly enjoyed it.

“The tea was exquisite,” Braun said. “Truly, it was an incredible experience, and a fantastic birthday.”


Shoup Park

Sophomore Annabelle Eaton’s favorite place in Los Altos is Shoup Park. She described Shoup Park as a peaceful, happy, and beautiful place that holds many of her childhood memories.

“I remember that when it would rain, I would always try to cross Adobe Creek or build bridges with other random kids,” Eaton said. “I also learned how to swing [and bike] at Shoup Park and had a few preschool birthday parties there.”

Similarly to Eaton, senior Carolyn Steeg cherishes the memories she made at Shoup Park and in downtown Los Altos. 

“Since junior high, my friends and I would go downtown to get something to eat or drink, walk around downtown, and then often head to Shoup Park to hangout,” Steeg said.