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The Perennial

The Perennial

2023 Seniors College Map

2023 Seniors’ College Map

Skylar Chui, Creative Director May 3, 2023

Class of 2023 Senior Predictions

Class of 2023 May 3, 2023

Oscar Barnes After studying journalism and learning the dictionary from front to back, Oscar can finally speak in a dialect that is unknown to mortal humans, causing him to embark on the first manned mission...

Featuring Ava Uhrich, Jade Ramirez, Skylar Chui, Chlea Facelo, and Niki Taradash

To My Basketball Seniors: Thank You

Jolyn Ding, Sports Writer May 3, 2023

If you asked me what I envisioned at the beginning of the basketball season, my response would not have aligned with the results. Regardless, I can confidently say that I enjoyed every second of it.  I...

How The Class of 23 Built A Connection On the Boys Tennis Team

How The Class of 23 Built A Connection On the Boys Tennis Team

Jake Reynders, Sports Writer May 3, 2023

For the seniors on the Pinewood boys tennis team, it's about more than tennis. It’s about the memories, the jokes, the bonds, and the family the five seniors — Peyton Spinner, Max Roesch, Jason Rowe,...



Christina Tanase, News Writer May 3, 2023

The “What We Can Do Series for Alumni-In-Residence” is a two-part series hosted by Pinewood’s Alumni Office providing the knowledge and resources graduating seniors need to move seamlessly into the...

Featuring Ava Uhrich, Jade Ramirez, Skylar Chui, Garrett Sablich, and Jason Rowe

Seniors Continuing Sports In College

Dhruv Gupta, Sports Writer May 3, 2023

As the weather warms and the semester draws to a close, certain seniors in the Pinewood community look to prepare for the next step in their athletic adventure. Five athletes will be competing at the collegiate...

Spinners Pinewood Sports Journey

Spinner’s Pinewood Sports Journey

Peyton Spinner, Sports Writer May 3, 2023

 It was my first day at my new school — a warm afternoon after the dog days of summer. I was a little nervous meeting so many new people. I was attempting to get adjusted to the place I would call home...

How Rachel Feels About Graduating Pinewood

How Rachel Feels About Graduating Pinewood

Rachel Farhoudi, Features Writer May 3, 2023

I’m not entirely sure if most people can shoot their hand up when asked if they have had a spiritual awakening before they even reach the age of 15, but if you were to direct this question to me, my...

Featuring Devan Reynard and Ashton Riches

How PSP Has Impacted Seniors

Mailey Wang, Features Writer May 3, 2023

Address an issue. Grow a passion. Take action. Students in PSP have done exactly that. The Pinewood Scholars Program, led by teacher Michelle Gannon, is a course offered for Pinewood students in their...

The Class of 2023 poses for their goofy class photo at the beginning of the year. Soon they will be celebrating their graduation from Pinewood with a banquet and Disneyland trip.

Class of 2023 Celebrates Graduation with Banquet and Disney Fun

Arjun Kelkar, News Writer May 3, 2023

As the school year draws to a close, graduating seniors have two exciting events to look forward to: the Senior Class Banquet on May 16, their graduation ceremony on May 24, and the Disney Grad Nite from...

Featuring Kate Cornyn, Ashton Riches, Teau Tongi, Emmett Smith, and Nate Martin

Take Note Seniors Reflect on Memories and Music

Katie Maier, Arts & Culture Writer May 3, 2023

Pinewood’s a cappella group, Take Note, consists mainly of seniors like Daniel Blotter, Kate Cornyn,  Adam Fallick, Nate Martin, Emmett Smith,  Ashton Riches, and Teau Tongi. Over the past year, these...

Advice From Our Seniors

Advice From Our Seniors

Kathleen Xie, Features Writer May 3, 2023

Nine months a year, five days a week, eight hours a day. That’s the time we spend making academic discoveries and creating unforgettable memories at the place called school. It’s true that navigating...

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