Christina Tanase, News Writer

The “What We Can Do Series for Alumni-In-Residence” is a two-part series hosted by Pinewood’s Alumni Office providing the knowledge and resources graduating seniors need to move seamlessly into the next stage of their time with Pinewood.

Director of Community and Alumni Engagement Anne Wong recently collaborated with Associate Director of College Counseling Carolyn Siegel to create this series.

“It’s really just having students see that the Pinewood community is enriched by its alumni, and the more that graduating students see that value and get excited about it, the better off the future of Pinewood will be,” Siegel said. 

Part one of the series, “What You Can Do for Pinewood | Becoming an Alumni,” held on April 11, highlighted how students can make use of their alumni networks, the advantages of being a Pinewood alum, and how to stay engaged in the Pinewood community post-graduation.

Part two, “What Pinewood Can Do for You | Getting Hired,” held on May 2, was a Q&A session which hosted a panel of business professionals. The panel included Cindy Ho, Director of Human Resources at Pinewood, Renata Dionello, Chief People Officer at ZipRecruiter and mother of Grant Hinshaw (Class of 2026), and Art Wong, Managing Partner at Atherton Linden Capital and father of Andrew Wong (Class of 2022).

“The idea is to see that your network is not just people in your grade. Everyone who has ever come to Pinewood before and who follows, is part of your professional network,” Siegel said.

Regardless if graduating seniors keep close ties to the community or branch off into the world, events like the “What We Can Do Series” go far to keep the Pinewood community deeply connected. These events ensure that Pinewoodians can find each other no matter the time or place, and that they can advocate for themselves in any situation.