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Pinewood Should Have a Quiet Study Space

Cherry Chen

   Imagine walking into an undisturbed study space where students can be fully immersed in their studies, free from external distractions. A place where students can relax, enjoy uninterrupted focus and escape from the bustling hallways. Or, especially during this chilly season, a place to seek refuge from the cold. 

   As a second home for students who spend at least seven hours here, Pinewood needs a comfortable study space. A quiet study space encourages students to work more efficiently, nurturing an environment that enables them to destress. According to the National Library of Medicine, “motivation to work hard, their efficiency and performance are shaped by the influence of the quality of the workplace.” While uncomfortable workspaces often result in a lack of motivation and low morale, studying in welcoming environments reduces stress while enhancing concentration. 

   An indoor study space would not only improve our focus but also provide shelter from the chilly weather. Shivering outside on the cold benches of the Murphy Patio inhibits our ability to fully concentrate on our work. Having access to a warm and cozy workspace eliminates unnecessary external factors. On top of that, many students stay late after school due to sports or transportation issues. An indoor study area would greatly benefit these students, especially during this season.

    “I would love to have access to the Student Achievement Center after school because it would give me a place to stay warm and study,” said Michael Shtrom, a junior at Pinewood. 

   Because the SAC closes at 3:30 pm, students staying late are left working in a dark and cold campus. Other schools and universities have indoor study spaces, so why doesn’t Pinewood have one? 

   Because the SAC acts as a multifunctional space, the room becomes noisy frequently and distracts students from their work. The SAC serves as a classroom, study space and warm shelter. Not only that, but this space also serves as a hallway connecting computer science classrooms, college counseling and learning specialists. 

   “I am very much aware that we do not have quiet study spaces, but without either hiring someone to monitor full-time or get new buildings, we’re not sure if we can do it,” Assistant Head of Upper Campus Haley Hemm said.

   Although this issue may be difficult to resolve at present, Pinewood signed a 40-year lease contract that allows them to eventually build an indoor study space in the coming years.

   “Hopefully, in those plans, there would be a quiet study space as well as an indoor hangout space,” Hemm said. “The hope is the future.”

   Looking forward, Pinewood has the opportunity to create the designated indoor study space that we need to unlock our full academic potential. In the meantime, we will eagerly await the day when they no longer need noise-canceling headphones just to study. 

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