Margarito Hired as New Covid Expert, Athletic Trainer

The fall sports season is underway, and the Pinewood football team has a new face in the athletic trainer position: Javier Margarito. As the new athletic trainer, Margarito is responsible for the health and wellbeing of the players, and for keeping them in top shape before every game.

“My role with the teams is to be a first responder should an injury occur or there’s a medical emergency,” Margarito said. “Once a situation is managed, the rehabilitation process begins to restore a person back to athletics or activities of daily living.”

Assistant athletic trainer and senior Garret Sablich is already impressed by the benefits Margarito has brought to the table just a month into the season.

“[He’s] utilizing our weight room for H period lifts for the football team [and he created] a whole new training room in Mr. Stimson’s old office,” Sablich said. “I’m excited to see what plans he has for the future.”   

Football captain Daniel Blotter is also loving what Margarito has done for the team. During one of Blotter’s basketball practices, Blotter sprained his ankle, and Margarito was a big help to his recovery.

“He was super helpful after I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago and he had me ready for our next game,” Blotter said.

This appreciation from Pinewood’s athletes makes Margarito feel welcomed and loved. Head coach Yong Kim describes the relationship between Margarito and the Pinewood community as a wholesome and loving one.

“He’s already integrated himself into the Pinewood community, where students feel safe and taken care of,” Kim said. “They trust his knowledge and love his empathetic attitude.”

Sablich agrees that Margarito has incorporated himself wonderfully into Pinewood, and that he has created some strong bonds with the students and faculty.

“He has already picked up the nickname “Javi” and has athletes stopping by his office to say hi or just sit in the air conditioned room,” Sablich said.

Margarito’s assistance has greatly aided the football team already, but he looks forward to doing the same for all the athletic teams later this year.

“I am looking forward to setting up an athletic training program and elevating the athletic teams by contributing when and where I can,” Margarito said. “It’s not going to be an easy process, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy.”