Hello, London!


As the school year resumes, Pinewood students are already anticipating their next holiday. Luckily, Pinewood is holding a trip to England in the summer of 2023. For 10 days between June 20 and June 29, students will be treated to a combination of exciting city life in London, and majestic countryside in cities including Bath and Stratford. 

Junior high literature and writing teacher Holly Phillips will be chaperoning the trip for Pinewood. Although geared towards those seeking to explore literature in England, Phillips is adamant that anyone is welcome. 

“There is something for everyone on this trip,” Phillips said. “From theater to history to local cuisine, we do it all.”

For an all-inclusive price of $4,300, the trip will be facilitated by Explorica, an international travel agency specializing in school groups. When students first arrive in England, they will be greeted by a professional tour director who will be with them during the duration of their stay. 

The trip begins in London, and on days two and three, students get the opportunity to see the city by visting the Victoria and Albert Museum, London’s historic West End Theatre, and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater and Museum. Additionally, students have an authentic fish and chips dinner at a local pub. 

On day four, students will make a day trip to Cambridge, where they will see the University of Cambridge and do a Jack the Ripper walking tour. 

“The [Jack the Ripper] tour is really the number one tour for teenagers” Phillips said. “It’s late at night, walking through spooky London, it’s fantastic.” 

 After a two and a half-hour bus ride, the group will arrive in Bath, where students will stay on days five and six. Day five includes a visit to Highclere Castle, where filming for “Downton Abbey” took place, as well as a trip to Stonehenge. The next day, students will be granted a free afternoon, allowed to do as they please. 

Day seven will contain a trip to Stratford, where students will see the cottage of Shakespeare’s wife, Anne Hathaway, and visit the birthplace of The Bard himself. 

“It’s such a thrill getting to see Shakespeare’s life up close,” Phillips said excitedly, “He’s the greatest poet that has ever lived and the greatest writer the English language has ever known.”

Students will then explore Lake District, a popular vacation destination, during days eight and nine. 

Finally, on day ten, the group will travel to Manchester International Airport and make the 14-hour journey home. 

Although the trip is for enjoyment as much as it is for education, Phillips hopes those who choose to partake in this adventure can take something meaningful from it. 

“England really brought all my education to life and I hope to share that with faculty and students at Pinewood,” Phillips said.