Queen Elizabeth II’s Legacy

In the past, monarchs were the elite of the elite; they were the most powerful people in the world due to the resources and manpower at hand. However, in recent centuries, many monarchs have lost power and become a public figurehead. One of the only monarchs to avoid this fate was Queen Elizabeth II. Instead, she became one of the most influential monarchs in England’s history by leading the United Kingdom from impending decline to one of the most powerful powers in Europe.

Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926. As she grew up, World War II shook the globe. During the war, Britain was experiencing devastation during the Blitz. The Blitz was a period of time where the Germans bombed the United Kingdom indiscriminately. To help with the negativity and pessimism that the blitz incurred, Elizabeth went onto the radio to help increase the spirits of the children. This was her first experience in the public eye and she demonstrated a calming and brave persona that people look up to.

She assumed the title of Queen on Feb. 6, 1952. During this time, England was experiencing the decolonization of the British Colonies and recovering from World War II. At this point, the United Kingdom could have fallen apart, but the Queen united the isles and stood strong. She became the figurehead of the United Kingdom and oversaw a period of stability for Britain. Unlike other monarchs of the U.K., she involved herself into the political atmosphere of Europe. With this involvement, the United Kingdom transitioned from a power overseas to a power at home. The Queen represented unending public support for the monarchy and brought a sense of calm and stability. Through times such as decolonization, Brexit, and Princess Diana’s death, the Queen stood firm.

Her death felt like the end of a century. She outlasted 14 presidents and 13 U.K. prime ministers. According to Insider, 80% of U.K. residents weren’t even alive when Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne. This demonstrates the length that Queen Elizabeth reigned and also the number of people she influenced in her lifetime. Queen Elizabeth was a monarch that will be remembered  — a queen who came into power through a time of uncertainty, ultimately becoming a household name. She will be remembered by the British people for generations to come.