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Are Pinewood Lunches Worth It?

Cherry Chen

   I watch my friend dab his greasy pizza with a brown napkin, working to remove the grease and oil. I look down at my pizza, thinking if I should do the same. Ignoring him, I bite into my pizza, realizing I’m consuming an ocean of grease with each bite. I stare into the soul of the pepperoni, counting each piece. I am bewildered — there are only seven thin pieces of pepperoni, and the pizza takes up only three-fourths of the plate’s allotted pizza section.

   Later, I am shocked to learn that not only did this lunch cost $8.50, but also that I’ve been eating the same overpriced meals since I was in second grade at Lower Campus.

  After years of gobbling down my greasy pizzas, I’ve concluded that Pinewood’s lunch is simply too expensive for the quantity and quality of the food. Students have expressed their desires for more than four grapes and much larger pizza slices. However, after bringing my lunch from home, I realized I could get enough food to fill me up for much cheaper.

  Pinewood’s lunches lack enough variety to be enjoyable for students. Ever since my days at Lower Campus, I realized that the foods we have been eating have all been the same. My peers and I have been able to make out the pattern of lunch meals: Monday is sandwiches, Tuesday is pasta, Wednesday is foreign cuisine, Thursday is pizza and Friday is burgers and hot dogs.

   The lack of variety in these lunches has made our taste buds bored and the overall lunch experience mundane. Another thing to notice is that the foods we eat could introduce us to new cultures and cuisines, but if we eat the same lunches every week, this brings this to a halt.

   Finally, Pinewood lunches bring little nutritional value to the table, preventing students and faculty from having healthy eating habits. For example, pasta lunches contain more noodles than meat, fruits or veggies; such an unbalanced meal is certainly not beneficial or nutritious. Protein, for example, is an essential part of life because it gives us the energy we need for our day ahead, and protein is made of amino acids that help repair our bones and muscles to stay healthy.

  Ultimately, while there are a multitude of changes that can be made to better the Pinewood lunch experience. Epicurean has done work and continues to put in their best effort. I hope Pinewood can continue to work with them on making our food the best it can be.

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