Overview of Fall Play

Excitement is building as the Pinewood Performing Arts department (PPA) is gearing up to put on its fall productions. Contrary to the typical schedule of the PPA, Pinewood is putting on two separate plays with two separate casts at the same time. Both these plays have off-Broadway origins and were stand-out favorites of directors Katie Linza and Doug Eivers. This year, the PPA will be presenting “Puffs” and “The Play That Goes Wrong” for the fall season.

“Puffs” follows Wayne Hopkins, an American teenager, as he attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the same time as another famous student with round glasses and a lightning scar. 

“The Play That Goes Wrong” follows a fictional cast of actors, known as the Cornley University Drama Society, as they attempt unsuccessfully to perform a production ofThe Murder at Haversham Manor, which is a 1920s-style murder mystery. 

“Mr. Eivers and I wanted to pick shows that were joyful and hilarious and fun… both of them are so much fun and they are so funny,” Linza said. “The big message [of ‘Puffs’] to me is you don’t have to be the most popular, famous, or talented person to make a difference.”

Starring in the PPA’s fall production of “Puffs” is freshman Leo Gray. He will portray the lead role of Wayne, a Hogwarts student who is in the Puffs house, which has a reputation of being average and ordinary. “Puffs” follows his comedic story as he progresses from being ordinary to being a hero while exploring the theme of what it means to be normal.

“When [the cast list] came out, I had a mix of emotions. I knew it was going to be a lot of lines to learn, but I was excited,” Gray said.

In “The Play That Goes Wrong,” senior Andreas Kamangar will star as Jonathan, an inept actor who plays the murder victim in The Murder at Haversham Manor.

“I was shocked because [the character I was cast for] was not of the characters that I read for during the auditions. After looking into him, though, I realized that he is an interesting character that seemed fitting for me,” Kamangar said.

Working alongside the cast and directors of each show, freshman Julianne Ting and senior Prithi Srinivasan will be the stage managers for “The Play That Goes Wrong” and “Puffs” respectively. 

“I take notes on stage directions, write down props, and overall keep track of things,” Ting said. “I like watching all the little details come together while running through scenes. It’s nice to see some little notes play out and realize that details can make a huge difference.”

Currently, the cast and crew of the show is in rehearsals. Multiple participants, such as freshman Prisha Mohapatra, commend it as a fun and joyful environment in which they can best portray their characters. 

The atmosphere in rehearsals is so welcoming and amazing. We all truly do get along very well, and it feels like one big family,” Mohapatra said.

“The Play That Goes Wrong” will have performances on Oct. 28, Oct. 29, and Oct. 30, while “Puffs” will have performances on Nov. 4, Nov. 5, and Nov. 6.

I’m really looking forward to “Puffs” coming together and becoming a really fun play to act in and to watch,” Mohapatra said.