Pinewood Seniors Leave Artistic Legacies Behind As They Head Off to College


Alexander McCormick

Featuring Aeron Lo, Niki Taradash, Kate Cornyn, and Adam Fallick

Derrick Harris, Arts & Culture Writer

Pinewood has many talented graduating artists. Some specialize in traditional art, and graphic design. These are three particular seniors’ artistic histories and their future plans.

Skylar Chui

Skylar Chui’s interest in the arts was sparked by her cousins, who also attended Pinewood. Chui considers herself a self-taught artist, learning art through Pinterest and YouTube instead of formal classes.

Chui credits Pinewood art classes and their smaller, more personal structure for giving her more guidance in her artistic development. While not majoring in art, Chui intends to take further art classes at Williams College.

Niki Taradash

Niki Taradash developed her passion for arts at a young age.

“I’ve been working with acrylics since first grade, [which] has really grown my interest,” Taradash said.

Taradash transferred to Pinewood during her sophomore year, but was unable to take art classes due to schedule conflicts. Regardless, her previous experience allowed her to take AP Art her senior year.

Taradash will double major in graphic design and marketing at Boston University.

“I want to use my interest in art to get into the business world,” Taradash said. “Even though I’m not doing traditional art, I will be using my creative side of myself and using technology to guide that.”

Aeron Lo

Aeron Lo began pursuing art at three years old. Similar to Chui, Lo uses Pinterest and Tiktok for artistic inspiration. Lo credits Pinewood’s AP program for improving their artistic skills.

“Pinewood’s AP Art classes help me produce a lot of pieces in a relatively short amount of time,” Lo said. “It’s good practice.”

While not the focus of their studies, Lo will continue their passion for the arts at UC Irvine.

Kate Cornyn

As a singer-songwriter, Kate Cornyn has loved music since she can remember due to its ability to foster connections. At Pinewood, she sings on the a cappella group, Take Note, and has been a part of several musicals and plays.

“Pinewood has allowed me to see so many different parts of music and explore things I never would’ve before,” Cornyn said.

Cornyn will be pursuing her passion at Sarah Lawrence College as a music major.

Adam Fallick

For Adam Fallick, who has been starring in plays since elementary school, theater has always come naturally. At Pinewood, he sings on Take Note and has been in several plays and musicals.

Fallick will be pursuing his passion for performing at New York University Tisch School Of The Arts.

“I’m going into musical theater because I can’t see myself pursuing anything else,” he said. “It’s my one true passion and I feel the most myself when I’m doing it.”