Students Crash the Hemm/Jezak Wedding

Christina Tanase, News Writer

Beloved history teacher Sam Jezak and Assistant Head of Upper Campus Haley Hemm recently tied the knot in Santa Cruz, California. Originally planning a small, intimate wedding ceremony in a picturesque location, their plans were quickly disrupted when dozens of Pinewood students showed up uninvited, armed with confetti, balloons, and party poppers from none other than the infamous Party City.

As the bride and groom exchanged vows, the students snuck into the ceremony and began chanting, “JEMM! JEMM! JEMM!” They threw confetti in the air, danced on tables, and even started a conga line around the  venue.

Sophomore Jolyn Ding took it as far as to take the job of officiant Father Peter Pabst, stealing the officiant’s book and continuing with the pronouncement. This was extremely out-of-character for Ding, who was likely absorbed in the moment.   

“I just wish students showed this much devotion when attending their studies or church,” Pabst said. 

Meanwhile, Hemm embraced the presence of her students and saw it as a blessing that she would not give up for the world. 

“I am just glad they were there to witness this beautiful moment, even if they were being a bit rowdy,” Hemm said.

Jezak, who has always been open to his students about his personal life, admitted to the abundance of love he felt while surrounded by his students that day. 

“They are always such a spirited bunch, aren’t they?” Jezak said. “If only they could put this much passion into their schoolwork.”

Hemm eventually gave up and joined the festivities, to the delight of the students. 

“I will admit it was so fun to see [Hemm] dancing with us students, especially to ‘U Can’t Touch This,’” said one of the uninvited students, who would like to stay anonymous. As the night went on, students and teachers alike continued to party, much to the annoyance of the newlyweds’ family and friends. 

When the night came to a close and the students made their way home, the couple was left to clean up the mess and reflect on the unexpected wedding day they just experienced. 

“I would not have had it any other way,” Jezak said. “Our students constantly keep us on our toes.”