Chat GPT: Risk or Resource?

Harry Yang, Opinion Writer

For a prototype that was only launched at the end of last year, Chat GPT has received an outstanding and surprising amount of attention. This artificial intelligence was developed by OpenAI and has taken the world by storm. It uses a large word bank to make complex sentences and paragraphs through pattern recognition. Although Chat GPT can be a force of harm in the hands of students without academic integrity, Chat GPT, like any other resource, is still a tool that helps the academic endeavor of students.               

Chat GPT is a software that has the potential to be used in every major job in Silicon Valley. It is the newest innovation in the wave of artificial intelligence taking over industries all over the world.

It can be used without a second thought and is also free (for now). However, anything good can be used for harm: cases of students using Chat GPT to cheat during exams and essays have circulated throughout the news. The concern for many schools is the fact that students are essentially plagiarizing from Chat GPT and the internet. Even though Chat GPT can write an article for you, the reason teachers assign essays is because of the process and not the end goal. They want students to learn how to become skilled writers.

However, Chat GPT has the influence to change this process. The development of the essay will change to become the gathering of information and proofreading of the AI. The technology behind this service uses pattern recognition and can make mistakes by using either old information or by analyzing a pattern wrongly. For example, if someone asks Chat GPT to code, it will code. 

However, it can “code” by getting enough information from the internet to answer your question. This can cause errors in the AI. These errors in the technology can help train students to analyze blocks of text and recognize errors. As technology advances, more jobs need to be dedicated to recognizing and analyzing errors in AI. 

As a result, this means that even though Chat GPT can be used as a tool to write and copy essays from, not all information from the AI will actually be correct. In other words, Chat GPT cannot be used to cheat in school assignments. 

I believe that Chat GPT will be prevalent in the future whether people like it or not. There can always be people and students that abuse this technology. However this tool will only make the lives of students and employees easier. I think that the whole education system will change because of the use of Chat GPT. I believe that the process will change and will incorporate the ability to proofread articles.

Schools should not ban Chat GPT, instead, they should embrace it; they should prepare for the future and not delay it. The world is not black or white. Chat GPT is neither inherently good, nor harmful. Instead it is a mix of both. Only time will tell how schools will deal with this emerging piece of technology.