Overheard at Pinewood

Arjun Kelkar, News Writer

Discover the wit and humor of your peers with the second edition of the Perennial’s “Overheard at Pinewood” column. From classrooms to lunch tables, share in the jokes and clever comments made on campus. These quotes will give you a glimpse into the everyday conversations buzzing at Pinewood.

Mealtime Musings A group of students contemplate their existence while enjoying lunch: “What if you woke up one day and you were a chicken nugget? That would be crazy.”

Lunchtime Leisure Friends relish a break from classes at the ping pong tables in the Cue Quad, savoring their food and enjoying each other’s company: “My favorite period in school? Lunch.”

Nostalgic Numbers Classmates gather around a table after school, discussing the challenges of their current calculus class. One student sighs wistfully: “I liked math better when it actually had numbers.”

Chemistry Conundrum Students frantically punch numbers into their calculators, reviewing for their test at the last minute: “If the problem seems easy, you’re probably doing it wrong.”