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The Perennial

The Perennial

A New Role for Legos

A New Role for Legos

Lucas, Guan March 11, 2024

Though initially marketed as a children’s toy, Legos have transcended the confines of playrooms, finding a prominent place in today’s classrooms. Students can utilize the hands-on activity of building...

Featuring Mad Scientist, Kim Hudson.

Kim Hudson, in Her Mad Scientist Era?

Rachel Farhoudi, Features Writer March 29, 2023

    A fuzzy, greenish brown, bulbous organism is sending out warning signals via its noxious stench that wafts through the halls of Pinewood. In the name of science, biology teacher Kim Hudson is harboring...

Science Experiments in Pinewood Classes Endanger Unsuspecting Students

Andrew Wang, Science and Tech Writer March 29, 2023

Science Department Chair Kim Hudson has approved an action granting faculty the authority to utilize students as human subjects in potentially life-threatening experiments. This unprecedented twist has...

Featuring Kim Hudson (aka Hudsonberg)

Hudsonberg’s Reign Of Terror Now Over After Arrest

Peyton Spinner, Sports Writer March 29, 2023

Is Los Altos Hills the new Albuquerque? Nearly 14 years after notorious drug kingpin Walter Hartwell White, known as Heisenberg, was caught after terrorizing the Southwest with his meth empire, another...

Featuring Kim Hudson.

Mendelian Biology: Bio Students Breed Fruit Flies

Andrew Wang, Science and Tech Writer February 28, 2023

Honors Biology 2 students are currently facing their most challenging task to date: a lab investigating Mendelian genetics, the process of inheritance, where certain traits are passed down from parent...

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