Corfield: A Presence On & Off the Court For Eighteen Years

Do you ever see the faculty around Pinewood and wonder who the mysterious man dominating the tennis courts is? It’s Craig Corfield, and he has been coaching boys and girls tennis at Pinewood since 2005. Corfield has not only been an outstanding coach during his tenure at the school but has also had a positive impact on his athletes as well as the Pinewood community as a whole. 

Through experimenting with different sports at a local country club, Craig eventually discovered his talent for tennis at a young age. “Pretty much full time when I was 8 and I’m 67 now so we’re talking 60 years.” Corfield said. 

Originally, Corfield coached a girls team, which got him into coaching high school. Soon enough, he found a coaching opportunity for teaching both boys and girls on the tennis court at Pinewood. 

 “I had an awesome bunch of girls who really sort of helped me to get comfortable coaching high school tennis,” Corfield said. 

Corfield goes on to add that after coaching that group of girls, he was able to coach the boys’ team easily. In addition to being a well-experienced coach and tennis player, Corfield also encourages his players and creates a fun environment to compete in. 

Some of Corfield’s best players also echo this sentiment. “Craig is very funny and friendly,” boys tennis captain Jason Rowe said. “Craig has created a fun environment for the team, and everyone has a great time in practice.” 

Corfield’s tenure at Pinewood has many players admiring and respecting his coaching style. 

Sally King, the captain and leader of the girls tennis team also agrees with this. “Craig has been a force at Pinewood for ages,” girls tennis captain Sally King said. “He is the father of the high school tennis teams.” 

As “the father of tennis at Pinewood,” Corfield has inspired countless potential athletes to pursue their tennis passions at Pinewood. Freshman Lara Parikh commented on Corfield’s leadership. 

“He always gives everyone concrete tips and tricks to help them play to their best abilities. He instills confidence and always has a smile on his face,” Parikh said.

Craig Corfield has been an iconic and impactful member of the Pinewood community for almost two decades, and his joyous personality combined with his skillful coaching techniques benefit the entire Pinewood community. If you are ever near the Pinewood tennis courts, swing by and marvel at the magical coaching of Craig Corfield.