The Jamboree – A Celebration of School Spirit

For over 30 years, Pinewood School has held the annual Jamboree for students, families, faculty, and staff of the Pinewood community. The event will be held on Oct. 15 from noon to 4 p.m. 

Kyle Riches, Director of Student Life here at Pinewood Upper Campus especially appreciates the Jamboree for one specific reason. 

“It’s just an amazing way for our three campuses to come together to come together and connect. . . It’s so fun for everyone to come together as a Pinewood family,” Riches said.

The Jamboree’s main idea is to bring together students, faculty, and parents through activities, performances, food, and various booths. After just one day, students are closer to teachers and classmates. The Jamboree is also a place to see old teachers from Middle and Lower Campus, as well as old classmates, who come back to the Jamboree even though they may not go to Pinewood anymore.

The Jamboree’s activities never fail to entertain. There will be many bouncy houses on the football field, as well as a cake walk. Riches’ personal favorite is the dunk tank, where students get the chance to dunk their teachers in freezing cold water. 

Additionally, there will be a haunted house, as opposed to last year, where there was no haunted house due to Covid. Students will walk through a series of dark rooms haunted by ghosts; year after year, the haunted house has caused screaming, crying, and traumatization, and Riches promises this year will be another good one. 

Another one of Riches’ favorite parts is the performances on the outdoor stage overlooking the Cue Quad. Choirs and individual groups perform from all three campuses: Womens’ Chorus, Pinewood Singers, Take Note, the Middle and Lower Campus choirs, and more. 

On top of all the various activities and performances, there will also be delicious Mexican food catered from Medina’s catering. There will also be other snacks, treats, and drinks available for purchase at the different booths. Booths will also have activities and different objects as well. In previous years there have been crepes, DIY slime, bracelets, and plants.

The Jamboree is an amazing opportunity to create a close Pinewood community and many valuable memories. We hope to see you there.