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Colin: A Look Through the Lens

Rose Xu

   Senior Colin Ternus will be graduating this year, marking an end to his memorable high school journey. Joining Pinewood freshman year, Ternus explored many interests including photography, robotics, cars and music. In particular, his interests in photography and robotics allowed him to contribute meaningfully to the school community.

   Ternus’ passion for photography began at a young age when his father introduced it to him when he was ten. He also learned from his cousin, who was a professional photographer.

   “Photography is a great way to capture an image or create something that’s super pretty or tell a story through images and pictures rather than just telling it through a traditional medium,” Ternus said.

   Ternus is currently a photo editor for the Perennial, and often takes pictures of school events. In addition to photography, Colin has always loved building and engineering, which inspired his interest in robotics.

   “What really got me into robotics was LEGO Mindstorms,” Ternus said. “Coding those, building those, it was always super interesting and fun, and I carried that over into different programs.”

   Ternus is a co-captain of the Pinewood robotics team along with senior Joey Makower, organizing the team meetings.

   “What’s really fun and special about Pinewood as a robotics team is that it’s so small that it has to be student-run, or it wouldn’t work,” he said.

   This year, the team won 7th place in the FIRST Robotics Competition,which is the best Pinewood has ever done.

   Ternus enjoys track driving and has customized his car by adding modifications such as new brakes and tires. He is also enjoys music and plays the guitar. Ternus recently found a way to combine his love for guitar and 3D printing, and is currently working on designing his own guitar.

   After graduation, Ternus will attend Purdue University, majoring in Motorsports Engineering.

   “I would get to have my focus in mechanical engineering, but also in motorsports engineering, which would allow me to work on cars and Indy teams,” Ternus said.

   Ternus is certain he will continue pursuing his lifelong interests in college.

   “I’ve always loved building things and engineering,” Ternus said. “That’s been a big part of my life, and it is going to be a big part of my college experience.”

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