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Rating Snack Shack Chip Flavors

Makena Matula

   The snack shack gleams with chip bags in every color of the rainbow. Munching on Cheetos during free periods or enjoying Doritos with lunch seem to be a universal experience for many Pinewood students. But which chip flavor is the king of the snack shack? I, along with fellow students at Upper Campus, share my hot takes on several chips offered at the snack shack.

   Flaming Hot Cheetos: Flaming Hot Cheetos seem to have a cult following, and there is something memorable about the sticky red residue left on one’s fingers after every bite. 

   “I just really liked them,” senior Charlotte van Gent said. “Some people think they’re too spicy but I don’t. They’re very delicious and crunchy.” 

   The key Flaming Hot Cheetos characteristic is the fiery coating, which is a rewarding conquest for the taste buds. Crunchy, cheesy and addictive, these chips are popular in the snack shack for a reason. 

   Lay’s Classic: The original Lay’s flavor will always have a soft spot in my heart. The flavor is simple, which makes these chips perfect for pairing with dinner, dessert, and any other meal of the day. The chip is salty and perfectly crunchy; truly a chip classic.

  Lay’s Kettle Cooked: The jump from the original Lay’s flavor to the kettle cooked variety is jarring.

   “[Lay’s Kettle Cooked] is the worst chip,” Freshman Alex Bull said. “Way too crunchy, the chips are kind of… distorted and scary. You know? Like I start screaming when I open the bag.” 

   I have to agree that the texture of the chips is overkill for many people. In my eyes, Lay’s Kettle Cooked chips are the evil stepsister to its predecessor. 

  Sun Chips: Sun Chips are a snack-lover’s dream. 

   “They’re kind of salty,” math teacher Stuart Hamilton said. “And so they’re great with, like, drinking something and they…make me feel healthy.”

   The flavor of Sun Chips tastes authentic, which sets it apart from many other chips in this article. The signature “waves” on the chip makes for the perfect bite, and with a magnitude of flavors offered at the snack shack, there is a sun chip flavor for everyone.

   Doritos Cool Ranch: This strange Doritos chip flavor is repulsive. 

   “I feel like they’re…overpowering my scent buds in a way and I just really hate it,” 8th-grader Emma Wu said. “And it has a weird, tangy flavor. It’s kind of like mystery meat.” 

   These chips taste sickening, too strong and overly artificial. The strong scent of an open bag of these chips is repelling, and for lack of a better word, vile. Although it may be slightly better than the nacho cheese variety, Doritos Cool Ranch is a sad excuse for a chip variety, or food variety in general.

   When it comes to chips, the snack shack has something for everyone. Whether you think Lay’s Kettle Cooked chips are the best or believe Sun Chips are superior, a day at Pinewood is always better with a bag of chips in your hand. 

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