Senior Snapshots

Violet Negrette, News Writer

As the Class of 2023 slowly approaches the end of the year, the seniors’ memories of the year are becoming more surreal and cherished. We asked six seniors for their favorite moments of the year to give them an opportunity to share their love and passion for the school and their peers. The question was: What was your favorite moment from your senior year so far and why?

Featuring Adam Fallick Makena Matula

Adam Fallick: Doing our lip sync this year felt like such a redemption and a triumph—it was so fun. 

Rathi Kolappa: I’d definitely say the day before school started when we all came together to practice and plan out our senior entrance and then got to play around on the water slide at school. [I] also enjoyed the senior retreat when we all went swimming and rafting in the Rapids and then played hide and seek and sardines at night.

Rachel Farhoudi: A moment I definitely won’t forget is literally almost dying on the senior retreat. We all decided to get in the river near our camp site even though it was moving extremely fast and there were rocks everywhere. I started wading out, and a current just grabbed me and pulled me so far downstream. I was freaking out, getting scratched up on rocks, and screaming my head off— definitely being a little bit of a drama queen. Anyway, then Daniel, very heroically, swam downstream to come rescue me. Everyone was shouting out where I should try and climb towards and Daniel gripped my hand and pulled me with him back up the river. I lost my ring, and I definitely had a couple bruises, but knowing I had such great people around me made me that much more excited for senior year.

Jade Ramirez: My favorite moment is probably the senior trip going river rafting. Although it is not a singular moment, it is a memorable experience with many unique moments. I could talk about how it took almost half an hour to set up our tent in the hot sun or how I fell in the river after hitting a rock. I even recall just simply waking up the next morning to eat breakfast and laughing about the day before with some of my closest friends. It was a great way to kick off the year after not seeing each other for so long after summer. It helped me build on my current friendships and form new ones. It was also the perfect cap to end off summer and just enjoy each other’s company before the stresses and responsibilities of senior year came along.

Featuring Rachel Farhoudi (Makena Matula)

Daniel Blotter: My favorite memory is probably the lip sync. For me personally, I was really stressed about it because I was the one who was in charge of it. I obviously wanted it to do really well because this was our last chance for our grade to not get last, which we’ve done like every year. I really wanted us to have a super fun experience because, in the past, people have not had that much fun. People would dread going to lip sync practices, and my role this year was to make sure that people had fun. I put in a lot of time and effort… I am really happy with how it turned out. The performance was awesome and it was super fun to do it in front of the whole school with the costumes and the face paint and everything. 

Teau Tongi: It was definitely that one time me and Daniel went to McKellar’s house and started dabbing in the middle of his cul-de-sac with all of his neighbors. We were so stupid, and that was probably the hardest I’ve ever laughed.