Prisha’s Tribute to SLC Seniors


Riya Kolappa

Featuring Daniel Blotter, Nate Martin, Sally King, Adam Fallick, Niki Taradash, and Ashton Riches

Prisha Mohapatra, Opinion Writer

People always told me not to get too close to the seniors. As the only non-senior on the Student Leadership Committee (SLC) this year, it was inevitable that I would get to know them extremely well. Here are some things I loved about them and ways they left a mark on me.

Daniel Blotter: My first interaction with Daniel was when I walked into my interview while applying to be the SLC Secretary. He was this intimidating, recently-elected SLC President. Weeks later, during our SLC retreat, I realized that Daniel was more than that, and I began to see him as an older (sometimes younger) brother. From there on out, I knew I could trust him and that he could bring light to any situation.

Sally King: When Sally graduates, I cannot fathom what I will do. We met while working at a summer camp at Lower Campus the summer before my freshman year. Two years later, I can call her my friend, mentor, and somewhat of a bonus parent whom I can confide in. As a part of SLC, I knew her as an organized and compassionate leader, and as a friend, I saw how caring and motivating Sally was. There were times throughout the year where I would hit a bump in the road, but I knew I could count on Sally to uplift me. No matter where we both end up, I know our friendship will never change.

Nate Martin: Whether it is wailing while marching down the hall at 9 p.m. the night before Jamboree in a baby mask or scaring me out of my mind while dressed in the panther suit, there is never a dull moment when Nate is around. He brings an irreplaceable energy to Pinewood. This semester, I got to experience his extremely funny (although sometimes distracting) commentary during anatomy class. With his spirit, commitment, and positive attitude, Nate was always the heart of every group.

Adam Fallick: To the entire Pinewood community, Adam is known as an exceptional actor. As a part of SLC, however, I feel as though this part of Adam slightly disappears, and he brings his genuine self to everything we do. From walking into a Jack in the Box at the beginning of the year, asking for 50 boxes for an SLC activity, to making his own Jack in the Box head for the first day of school, Adam’s personality and dedication are unmatched. 

Niki Taradash: The first time I spoke to Niki was outside the interview room for SLC. My interview was right after hers, and both of us were pacing back and forth in front of Room 12. As this year progressed, I got even closer to her. During the freshman retreat, I got to bond with her even more. We were put in a group together with a couple freshmen, and I remember talking so much about our lives and all the funny drama going on in each of our grades. Niki never failed to publicize an event, and her calmness was always a beacon of hope during stressful times in SLC. Her presence will be greatly missed. 

Ashton Riches: When I first saw Ashton, I was honestly quite blown away by how friendly, pretty, and confident she was. I loved her energy throughout the year and she came to every event and meeting with so much spirit and so much to say. Even though I only knew Ashton for a year, I got to know her pretty well and I know that she, too, can never be replaced at Upper Campus.