Nate’s Senior Wrap

Nate Martin, Sports Editor

My time at Pinewood wouldn’t be what it was without the soundtrack that surrounded it. Music unlocks memories, taking me back to a specific place or reminding me of a specific person. Because of this, certain tracks are able to unlock my fondest memories of this school. So, join me as I go from the beginning of my time at Pinewood in seventh grade to the very end of it in senior year, as I recall my favorite moments from this school and the music I associate with it.

The first song that comes to mind would be “Everlong” by Foo Fighters. When I arrived at Pinewood as a seventh grader, everyone in my grade came to know me as the kid who’d headbang on bus rides to loud and obnoxious rock music. Did I look stupid? Yeah. Did I care? Not really. Foo Fighters being my favorite band only added to the fire, as all their famous songs came out before I was alive and people would make fun of me for liking music their dad liked. However, when I performed “Everlong” for the talent show in front of the whole school that same year, I became the person I was meant to be at Pinewood. Without it, I don’t know if I would have become as involved on campus as I am now. It was the first time I really put myself out there in front of the entire school and it gave me the confidence to continue to do so throughout the rest of my years at Pinewood.

The second song I want to mention is John Denver’s classic, “Country Roads.” On the first day of eighth grade, my friend Diego wouldn’t stop singing this song. After that day, it became an anthem for our grade. So much so that former Pinewood teacher Phil Ribaudo recorded his own version of “Country Roads” with lyrics about Pinewood and our grade’s trip to DC — a true “trip of a lifetime.”

The next song that reminds me of my time at Pinewood would be “Freaks” by Timmy Trumpet. A lot of my favorite memories at Pinewood have come from the dances, and it’s a signature song at these events. It was the final song at my junior prom. It was the song that soundtracked one of my first mosh pits. It was and still is a certified banger.

The final song I want to talk about is “Shoota” by Playboi Carti. Rap music has been the main soundtrack for my high school experience. Whether it was my friend Max bumping 24kGoldn on his JBL speaker during lunch freshman year or a late night drive blasting Kid Cudi, rap music is a massive part of my high school years. “Shoota,” in particular, takes me back to one of my favorite concerts I went to with my friends — Playboi Carti at the Bill Graham the night before an AP English Language and Composition quiz. It was an hour-long wait to get into the venue and it reeked of B.O. and marijuana, but I had an amazing time and will never forget that night. 

Obviously, there are way more memories I have at Pinewood and way more songs that I wanted to include, so check out the Spotify playlist with the rest of the songs. I’ve had an amazing time at this school and am forever grateful for the memories, the people, and the music that accompanied it. 

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