Black Female Artists in Rap and Hip-Hop

Derrick Harris, Staff Writer

In recent years, many Black female artists have risen and dominated predominantly male music spaces like rap and hip-hop. These new artists have taken inspiration from past legends such as Pop Smoke and others to create their own unique sound. Pop Smoke was an American rapper who used a drill sound like Ice Spice.

For example, GloRilla and Ice Spice are slowly taking over the rap industry and moving into other genres. In interviews from and, they both stated they both took inspiration from previous rappers. Others, such as Pink Pantherss, have paved their own paths using means such as social media and celebrity connections.

GloRilla is an artist that is making her mark on the rap industry. She has already made songs with popular artists like Cardi B and Moneybagg Yo. GloRilla seemingly blew up over night with her song “F.N.F,” which she followed up without another fan favorite “Tomorrow.” I believe GloRilla gained her fame with her powerful upbeat lyricism in those songs. After these songs gained celebrity attention, she released a remix to “Tomorrow” called “Tomorrow 2,” which featured Cardi B.

Ice Spice was born Isis Gaston and rose to fame using the New York drill sound on Tik Tok. Her song “Munch’” went viral and set off her career. After that, she released hit after hit with “Bikini Bottom” and “In Ha Mood,” eventually releasing an EP called “Like…?” Ice Spice’s hot streak has shown no signs of burning out with her new collaboration with Pink Pantherss: “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2.” The song has quickly become the first song by either artist that has entered the Billboard Hot 100 charts. 

Lastly, Pink Pantherss initially went viral on social media by posting a snippet of her song “Just a Waste” in Dec. 2020. Since then, she has gained many listeners and released a mixtape named “to hell with it.” Her unique sound, described as melodic and experimental, on top of her overall lyrics is what makes her stand out among other pop artists. She crosses over many genres, ranging from pop to hyper pop and alternative sounds. Besides Ice Spice, she has collaborated with other artists like Willow Smith and Shygirl. All of these artists have shown great potential and a bright future and definitely should not be underestimated.