Mia’s Take on Taylor’s Terror


Elizabeth Liang

Taylor Swift, an American singer-songwriter, is known for her popular country-pop music. Her latest album, Midnights, was released in October 2022.

Mia Gustavson, Features Editor

I am not a Swiftie. I deeply apologize to anyone this offends. Though I imagine your jaw is on the floor and your hatred is brewing, I sincerely hope you have not yet shredded the newspaper in rage because, though you may be horrified, maybe you are the tiniest bit curious as to why I feel this way.

First, I must disclose that I do not hate Taylor Swift, and I do not hate her music either — I have even learned to like a few of her songs. I understand that she is popular for a reason, and there is no denying her talent. However, I am of the opinion that she is tremendously overrated, and she gets more credit than she deserves.

For one, the vast majority of her songs are so repetitive that the entire world seems to know the choruses to her hits. Her tunes are so ear-numbingly predictable that I find myself becoming tired of the song before it even reaches the second verse. Her melodies are undeniably catchy, though, and I could see how some people might take comfort in being able to anticipate what comes next.

While the music itself is passable, as an aspiring musician and songwriter, I cannot, by any means, accept her lyrics. She has written probably hundreds of songs and her creative juices are most likely fizzling out with time, but this simply does not explain her obvious lack of variation in topics. Every musician knows that, at the end of the day, the storytelling aspect is what drives a piece forward. We don’t listen to karaoke tracks on the radio; we need language, meaning, and discernable human emotion. Swift’s lyrics are – I’m just going to say it – simple and boring.

Quick — think of a song of hers that isn’t about love. There are a few, but it’s still harder than it should be, considering there are so many to choose from. She also has a strange commitment to writing in the second person and dedicating nearly every song to a mysterious “you.” I am willing to admit that I don’t mind a sappy romance once in a while; however, finding the motivation to choose a song that is bound to begin with “we were supposed to be just friends” or “you, with your words like knives” is difficult when I could be listening to, well, anything else.

The third reason I tend to avoid her songs is her voice itself. Though her unique, recognizable sound has captivated millions of listeners, for me, it doesn’t pass my vibe check. When she is not half-whispering, she sings in whiny tones that make me grimace.

Maybe she is manipulating these aspects of her songs intentionally, and these are the exact vibes she was going for. Maybe “I’m the problem” and she’s just not my style. Whatever it is, T-Swift and I have just never really clicked. If there is a song I haven’t heard that will change my mind and turn me into an enthusiastic fan, let me know. I’ve always wondered what the fuss was all about.