YouTube’s Newest Sensation Eric Schreiber Spreads Knowledge, Controversy: Source

Christina Tanase, News Writer

   YouTube’s newest sensation has taken the Pinewood community by storm. 

   Esteemed high school English teacher Eric Scheiber has recently reached his millionth subscriber on his new YouTube channel, tagged the “Secret Life of Schreiber.”

   Beyond Schreiber’s teaching career at Pinewood, the rest of his life has remained a mystery up until the creation of his YouTube channel. 

   On his channel, Schreiber posts a variety of content, including “Day In My Life,” “Spilling Teacher Tea,” and of course, the occasional prank on his students or coworkers.

   “I’m so delighted I’ve discovered my true purpose outside of teaching,” Schreiber said. “I believe I was born for this.”

   Pinewood students and the administration supposedly found out about the channel when scrolling through YouTube’s explore page. 

   They eventually stumbled upon one of Schreiber’s hit videos titled “Prank: Giving The Perfectionist, Overachieving Student a 99 Instead Of 100 For No Reason. See What Happened!”

   The video instigated quite the discussion among the Pinewood community, as well as his fandom whom he dubbed his “subschreibers.” 

   Following the public outburst, Schreiber felt the need to upload a video apologizing for causing an uproar in the comment section.

   Upper Campus Principal Gabriel Lemmon says he is happy that Schreiber has pursued this new endeavor.

   “I think this will be great for him,” Lemmon said. “I know it will be hard to have such a demanding career, but the staff and I look forward to seeing where this takes him.”