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Pinewood Fashion: Best-Dressed Seniors

Colin Ternus

   Have you ever walked down the halls at Upper Campus and seen a senior who you thought looked so cool? Seniors Zefan Feng, Autumn Porter-Schulz and Makena Matula’s distinct sense of style specifically have all stood out. Although their three styles vary greatly, each individual is confident in their own sense of style.

   Feng describes his style as niche but casual, often wearing oversized clothing. Many of Feng’s classmates, including senior Sophia Yao and junior Kathleen Xie agree he has good style because of his statement hoodies and sneakers. Feng also enjoys watching anime, so he often wears anime prints on his shirts.

   “I want to show people who I am as a person just from what I wear,” Feng said.

   Feng thinks his low-key but fun style reflects who he is as a person.

   “If someone looked at me they’ll either be like that person’s cool or I will never talk to that person,” Feng said. “And that’s valid.”

   Senior Porter-Schulz’s style has come a long way since the beginning of high school, when she would only wear leggings. Now, she dresses in a way that makes her feel most like herself. 

   “Clothes are definitely a really important way of how I want people to perceive me,” Porter-Schulz said.

   When she first meets someone, Porter-Schulz describes herself as very shy but truly a bubbly and outgoing person. She thinks her personality is reflected in her style, which may be seen as basic at first but shows her fun side in small accessories like her jewelry and shoes.

   “My favorite thing to do is bring out certain colors by having my shoes color coordinate with my earrings and little pops of color like that,” Porter-Schulz said.

   Senior Makena Matula’s style is much different from both Feng and Porter-Schulz, but they are just as confident. Matula is known for wearing all black with silver jewelry. They enjoy how their metal-inspired style connects them to a community of people with similar interests. 

   However, Matula has not always had this same specific style growing up. In middle school, they dressed like a skater and tried to mimic Billie Eilish’s oversized clothing. Matula appreciates what their style has grown into, but does not believe their style emulates who they are as a person.

   “When people see me, they’re a bit intimidated,” Matula said. “Like, oh, that person is all death. But as a person I’m very happy, … so in some ways, my style does not represent my personality.”

   Although  Matula’s style might not show who they are on the surface level, their style does bring out a side of them that is more hidden.

   “I think I sometimes like to break molds,” Matula said. “And I like to go against the grain. I think that is reflected in my style.”

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