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A New Course at Pinewood: Underwater Basket Weaving

Aretha Liu

 Endless lectures span across hours of our days. Students struggle to maintain passion and interest in their classes. High school has lost some of its spark for many people in this generation. It is time for change. 

  For a school that claims to be well rounded, the class choices have yet to reflect that. Students are tired of dreary lectures drawing on; instead, many would much prefer a hands-on type of class. And there is still hope. 

    English teacher Michelle Gannon has voiced her passion over a hidden gem of a class that could alter lives and bring balance back to the academic lives of Pinewood students. 

   “This class has the ability to reshape Pinewood as we know it,” Gannon said.

   Gannon is referring to her hidden passion over underwater basket weaving. An unorthodox class that teaches the importance of diligence, endurance and teamwork, underwater basket weaving is the future of Pinewood.

         “Underwater basket weaving has freed my mind and I have no doubt the studmuffins at this school will thrive with my new class,” Gannon said. “The repetitive and soothing motions of weaving the needle through a newly formed basket gives me the feeling that I am creating something with the ability to change the world.” 

   Underwater basket weaving classes will take place after school every day, taking priority over all sports and extracurricular activities.    

   “The benefits of underwater basket weaving cannot be underestimated,” Gannon said. “I have no doubt that ten classes regarding the artistic freedom of weaving will have ten times the benefits of running around or acting onstage.” 

   Gannon plans to have several field trips throughout each week, ranging from visiting the Monterey Basket Weaving Headquarters to international trips, where students will compare classes with European universities. 

   Gannon has already stalked the Oxford undergraduate underwater basket weaving course, and has high hopes for her field trip plans. 

   However, applications will be required, as this class will be highly selective. In order to be considered as an applicant, students must submit a high school resume, five letters of recommendation and a cumulative portfolio of all arts and crafts projects. 

      “Students must have an obvious passion for oceanic activities and crafting,” Gannon said. “They must also be willing to work well with others and proudly represent Pinewood on a national and international stage. Oh, and they have to be able to breathe underwater.” 


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