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Two New Faces on the Basketball Court

Mei Miyahara

   On the basketball court this season, you will see two new faces sprinting down the court and cheering for their teammates at the top of their lungs.

   Junior Katherine Garr and sophomore Caitlyn Kramer, who transferred to Pinewood School this past year, are joining the Pinewood Girls Basketball team. Garr plays as a forward, and Kramer plays as a guard.

   Prior to attending Pinewood, Garr attended Palo Alto High School, and Kramer attended Crystal Springs Uplands School. According to Garr and Kramer, their decision to transfer to Pinewood was a big one, but they both love their experience so far. 

   Both girls expected that transferring during the middle of high school would be challenging, but both feel their transition was relatively smooth because everyone was very welcoming.

   “Everyone is so nice here,” Garr said. “I’m so glad I can talk to anyone or ask questions.”

   Garr feels the small community has helped her open up and take risks in trying new things.

   “I never did any clubs at Paly, . . . [but at Pinewood] I am in AI Club and Cooking Club,” Garr said.

   Kramer is also involved in clubs, including being a junior editor on Yearbook. She also enjoys baking all types of baked goods.

   “I kind of just do whatever, and it’s relaxing and fun,” Kramer said. “It’s very contrasting to playing basketball all the time.”  

  Baking is much different from basketball, where everything is always moving. 

 “[Basketball] is very exhilarating,” Kramer said. “Everything’s constantly going back and forth.”

   According to both Garr and Kramer, the entire team shares this same feeling of exhilaration, passion and dedication for the sport they dedicate their everyday lives to.

   “Everyone on our team is such hard workers, and everyone’s so determined to reach a common goal,” Kramer said. “We’re all working super hard during practice, working together, picking each other up when we’re down and encouraging each other to be better.

   Their close and supportive relationship with one another helps their play on the court. Garr is excited to start playing with the Pinewood Girls Basketball team this season.

     “I feel like I’m friends with all my teammates, and it’s going to make me more comfortable,” Garr said. “In practice, [I won’t be] as afraid to make mistakes because I know that they’ll still support me.”

   Kramer also sees their close relationship as something that will benefit the team.

   “We’re . . . on the same wavelength when we play,” Kramer said. “We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses really well on the court.”


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