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Madam Gervais: Connoisseur of French, Art and Wine

Avery Hall

   French teacher Stephanie Gervais, who joined the Pinewood community this year, can often be seen with a smile on her face while teaching her students the basics of conjugating French verbs.

   Born and raised in France, Gervais grew up immersed in the country’s culture and language. However, it wasn’t until after studying Japanese in Japan for five years that Gervais first began teaching. She started by teaching Japanese in France. When she moved to the United States, she switched to teaching French.

   Though she has lived in various places around the world, one thing has remained constant in every location: her love of art and, what could be considered a particularly “French” interest, wine.

   Gervais’ passion for art originated from her exposure to Japanese culture at the age of six. She became interested in Japanese comic art, or manga.

   As she grew older, she transitioned to portrait drawing, watercolor and other types of traditional art. But when the pandemic hit, Gervais, like many others, turned to electronic devices for solace. She began exploring digital art through drawing apps like Procreate.

   Now, art has become something of a decompressor for her. “It’s a place where I can go when I need time for myself,” she said. “It doesn’t need to be good. It just needs to be relaxing.”

   As for wine, Gervais studied the subject in school and went on to receive a MBA in Wine International Business. After she moved to the United States, she found herself feeling distanced from her home and culture back in France. Wine became the link between her current life in the U.S. and her previous one in France.

   When she began teaching, Gervais discovered another way to stay connected to her French roots. From preschoolers all the way to high school students, Gervais has always loved teaching all ages about the French language and culture.

   For her students, Gervais has one goal: for them to continue learning French long after they leave Pinewood.

   “I love to see the interest in my students’ eyes,” Gervais said. “I love for students to want to learn more about the French culture and this beautiful country that speaks French outside of the classroom.”

   In fact, one of the reasons part of why Gervais came to Pinewood was because of its students and community.

   “Students here want to learn,” Gervais said. “They are ambitious students. That’s kind of how I knew it would work out. What I love about Pinewood is that it’s a family. From the beginning, everybody told me that here, we’re family, and if you need anything we’re here.”


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