PW’s Choice of iPads over Macbooks

Ian Hsiao, Science and Tech Writer

With its sleek, smooth screen and picturesque graphics, Pinewood has a good reason to use iPads for classroom instruction. From doing schoolwork to creating a business pitch, the iPad has everything a student needs to communicate with others, be informed of upcoming events, or stay entertained with its endless selection of apps. 

While most schools use MacBooks, Pinewood made the decision to provide iPads instead. The iPads come with a magnetic keyboard and a state-of-the-art case allowing students to type up documents as easily as using a computer. Every three years, when students become sophomores, they get the latest generation of iPads. According to Head of School Scott Riches,  Pinewood decided to implement it because of its portability and its versatility. The iPads are much easier to carry around compared to computers, and resources like ebooks are more accessible to iPads. Additionally, educational apps were designed more for iPad usage than for computer usage. 

“[iPads were best because of] the ease and then transportability, with the stylus, taking notes, using Notability. And kind of the hands on taking pictures in certain classes,” Head of School Scott Riches said.

Pinewood first piloted their program in 2013. Pinewood wanted to ensure that the iPad would be successful for both students and teachers.

“We wanted to make sure [incorporating iPads was the right decision, so ]. . . We [used] them for a full year [with just the freshman] before incorporating it schoolwide,” Director of Technology Bill Bates said.

Freshman Leela Jarschel gives her opinions on the matter. “ I prefer iPads because [students] can use it for Notability and Procreate and also they connect it to apple pencils. They can do the same things MacBooks do.”

The possibility of a change to laptops is slim, as there is no compelling reason for Pinewood to switch their devices, so expect to continue to use the sleek gadget for schoolwork and class activities.